New Kids on the Block: Kelly Tan

Over the next few months will spotlight the 2014 rookie class. Find out what each thought about earning their LPGA Tour card to what their favorite club is in their bag. Today we catch up with Kelly Tan for a quick Q&A.

1. How do you feel about earning your 2014 LPGA Tour card?
Awesomely great, but I'm still pretty much stunned and trying to get used to it. I am very excited at the same time and looking forward to my first LPGA event as a professional.

2. How did you spend your off-season?
I spent the holidays with my friends and family and I tried to take some time off and do something other than golf like play the guitar, shop or just relax.

3. What is the strongest part of your game?
I can control my emotions very well on the golf course and I am focused.

4. What type of course fits your game best?
I work around with the course to see what I can do best with all kinds of golf courses.

5. Who are you looking forward to meeting most on Tour and why?
Na Yeon Choi, Karrie Webb, So Yeon Ryu, just because I grew up watching them on Golf Channel since I started it and they all have great personalities.

6. If you could pick the dream pairing who would it be?
Karrie Webb, So Yeon Ryu and Na Yeon Choi.

7. What tournament are you looking forward to the most?
To all the major event because they are the events that have the best players in the world playing in them.

8. Where is your favorite place to travel and why?
I would like to go over to Europe because I've never been there and I would like to experience the different cultures.

9. What is your favorite way to stay in shape?
Working out, swimming and eating healthy.

10. What is in your golf bag besides clubs?
Tees, balls, gloves, umbrella, rain jacket, ball markers and my rule book.

11. What is your favorite club in your bag and why?
My driver because I love driving the ball

12. What is your favorite part of your game to practice?
To practice my short game, because there are so many types of shots you can practice and I never get bored. I usually will start my day at the range and do short game drills after.


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