Lexi Takes a Day Off for Tee Time with Fans

Lexi Takes a Day Off for Tee Time with Fans

Dallas, TX - Lexi Thompson, 19-year-old LPGA pro, took the day off following the North Texas LPGA Shootout for Red Bull Tee Time, an event she created to bring her closer to her fans. Her team, including manager Bobby Kruesler of Blue Giraffe Sports and her coach, Dolf Roder, shared insider tips and tricks with the crowd, including swing technique, staying focused and being mentally and physically prepared for each course.

Her young fans also enjoyed a Q&A session with Lexi, and she spoke about everything from her favorite place to play to her favorite movie.

"Red Bull Tee Time gives me the perfect opportunity to interact with my fans, and that is the most important part to me," Lexi said. "TopGolf just makes it even better, what's not to like?"

Tee Time was hosted at TopGolf in the Colony so fans could enjoy playing in a tournament while Lexi gave them hints on a better golf swing. Roder also stepped-in to help cheer and coach some of her fans.

Two additional Tee Times will be held later this year in North Carolina and Florida. For more information on Red Bull Tee Time with Lexi Thompson, visit http://www.redbull.com/us/en/events/1331648199610/tee-time-with-lexi-thompson.


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