Fun Fact Friday Featuring So Yeon Ryu

So Yeon Ryu
Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So Yeon Ryu

Welcome to the next edition of Fun Fact Friday the weekly series where will share with you five random facts about a player. Consider it a combination of information, gratitude and insight into what it is that makes them tick. Check in each week for a new player and hopefully you'll learn something you didn't already know about your favorite player. 

This week So Yeon Ryu shares five random facts.

1.   Ryu says the best way to pass time when traveling is to listen to music or watch Korean soap operas.
2.   You'll find her snacking on grapes when on the course.
3.   One of Ryu's hidden talents: she has a great passion and talent of hers is playing the violin. She has played since she was five years old.
4.   Ryu's favorite number is one, because eventually she wants to become number one!
5.   She was star stuck when she met Grace Park, because she's always looked up to her as a kid and it was pretty exciting when she go to see her when she started playing on Tour.


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