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Week 8


This week’s task was to host a charity auction for the Ivanka Trump jewelry line. The event consisted of a runway show where models showed off the jewelry during a live auction. The team to raise the most money would be declared winner.

Unfortunately, we did not raise the most money, and we lost. Mr. Trump and Ivanka thought that one of the main reasons we lost was because the selected jewelry was not visible enough from the runway. And because I was in charge of picking the jewelry, I was the one to go. I found that choosing the jewelry was extremely difficult because all of Ivanka’s jewelry designs are stunning.

Our strategy was to put all of our money behind the least expensive piece of jewelry to make the greatest profit. We knew we would have to raise at least $100k in just one day in order to have a chance against Annie Duke. I must say that Annie is an amazing fundraiser! That said, the jewelry was insignificant because we were putting all of our money on one item.

Another fun moment was my attempt to get a rival poker player of Annie’s to fundraise for me, rather than for Annie. It was all in good fun. I almost had it pulled off with Phil Hellmuth, until Annie caught word. She was infuriated!! She was yelling in the room next to us and I knew she was would be coming my way shortly. Her reaction was exactly what I had hoped, and she was extremely upset.

While in the board room that night, I was sure that Clint Black would be fired. I thought he should have been fired last week, and I thought that this week was possibly his time. I also thought it might be Joan, because she was the project manager, and we did lose the task by $150k. In the end, even though I was the second leading fundraiser on our team, I ended up being fired. I did, however, feel that it was the nicest way I could have been fired.

As I mentioned in the episode, it is really challenging for me to fundraise. I had great support from sponsors and friends throughout the show. My favorite part of this episode was seeing how much money 8 people could raise in a single auction. It was pretty incredible that overall, there was more than $350k raised in one night! Amazing! One of the things I love most about this show is that with each task, everyone worked to raise money for charity.

So don't stop watching the show. There are only a few episodes left and there’s a good chance I’ll come back before the season ends. I really had a good experience on the show. I loved raising money for charity, enjoyed the tasks, and getting to know the people on the show.

Bye for now to Celebrity Apprentice viewers – I hope you’ll continue to keep up with my LGPA and Team McGladrey activities!

Week 7

‘My first go as Project Manager’

After a wild episode last week and watching 2 contestants get fired, although they didn’t fail on the task, who knew what was in store for this week’s episode!

This week’s task was to come up with a point-of-sale display and marketing campaign for Life Lock. Life Lock is a company that deals with identity theft, one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes. We had less than a day to create an in-store display, prepare a presentation and present our campaign to the Life Lock executives. I stepped up to be project manager of team KOTU. Unfortunately we were not able to change the name!

I was excited to be the project manager in hopes of keeping my team away from the boardroom and securing a win. I was also looking forward to having the opportunity to win money for my charity, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I felt that my biggest challenge would be to repair the relationship between Clint and Joan. We were off and running and the team was getting along beautifully. I decided to separate the group because I was still nervous about the volatile relationship of Clint and Joan. I sent Herschel and Clint to create the display, while Joan and I worked on the presentation, imaging for display, and the take aways.

This was a really challenging task because we had to make an intangible service (the service of Life Lock’s protection) into a tangible display that people could then buy off the shelf. I was really excited about our product, idea, and give aways. With very few set backs, we presented a great presentation to the Life Lock executives. We were judged on brand, messaging, originality and presentation. I know from my partnership with RSM McGladrey how important these things are, so I felt up to the challenge. Of course, we didn’t know the results until we went to the boardroom.

We won! Phew! I was thrilled to win $20,000 dollars for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I was also excited that the team was working well together again!

It was sad to watch Brian McKnight get fired. I really enjoyed getting to know him throughout the show and am a huge fan of his music.

The end of the show brought a twist that no one expected! Exhausted at 11pm, we were pulled back into the boardroom for the next task. We knew we were going to have to pull an all-nighter, as if we weren't tired enough. Here we go again!

Week 6

What a wild episode!!! The task was to create a 60 second video for All detergent. The episode started with Donald Trump switching up the teams. I was moved from Team Athena, where we enjoyed much success, to Team KOTU (the boys’ team), which stands for Kings of the Universe. What a ridiculous name! Although I wasn’t thrilled to be moved to a new team, we had work to do.

Our project manager was Clint Black. I really enjoyed my time with Clint. He would break out his acoustic guitar and play old rock-and-roll hits, or whatever we requested (he’s also an avid golfer, by the way, which meant he and I had a lot in common). As a project manager, however, he was a nightmare. He shot, starred, edited and produced the "Untitled" video that our team presented to the All executives. It was a mess! I was surprised that the All executives disliked Team Athena's video, which I thought was very funny, especially Jesse James. In the end, both teams wound up losing, and one member from each team was set to be fired. I have learned from my experience with Team McGladrey, that with the right team, anything is possible. For this particular task, however, we apparently didn’t have the “right team.”

Tboz was up first for the firing squad. She was fired due to volunteering. Team KOTU was next, and Clint Black decided to bring Khloe and me back to the board room. I was really mad that he didn’t choose to bring Joan back, as those two were at each other the entire task. Clint even said at one point that he thought he was going home, and that he was tired of fighting with Joan. Well, it turned out that Clint didn’t get fired, although in my opinion, he was clearly at fault and deserved to go. In the end, Donald spared him and fired Khloe. I thought that wasn’t the best decision, because he fired her for something she had done that didn’t relate at all to her performance on the show. Clint Black was project manager for the task, therefore, he should have been held accountable for the team’s performance. I know it’s reality TV, which can be unpredictable and unfair, but Khloe wasn’t the reason Team KOTU lost the task.

You can now be sure that in the episodes going forward, there are no rules, and anything can happen!

Week 4

After winning 3 weeks in a row, Team Athena experienced our first loss. It was also the first time there was tension between members of our team. The task was to create a sales presentation for the new line of video phones for ACN. It was the hardest task so far, as we had a short amount of time, and our team was really out of sync. Although our team had a lot of great ideas, there was also a good amount of chaos during the creative process.

Before Melissa Rivers stepped in to produce, I thought we had a slim chance at pulling this one off. She helped organize the production of the vignettes our group decided on. The next obstacle we faced was figuring out a way to get Joan Rivers in to NY in time for the presentation. Thanks to my sponsor, Sentient, I was able to get a plane to Joan within hours. She hopped on the plane after her appearance at 11pm and made it in to NY at 4am. After the rehearsal with Joan, things were looking up. I helped Joan practice for an hour before the presentation. She is absolutely hilarious! It was incredible to be able to hear Brian McKnight singing during rehearsals. What a voice!

Although I thought our presentation went well, it wasn’t enough to win the task. I was incredibly disappointed we lost and realized first hand just how intense the board room truly is! I felt bad having to tell Donald Trump that Claudia needed to be fired, but she was our project manager and if the task fails, the project manager is to blame. I was sad to see Claudia go. She had a great sense of humor and was always willing to work. The fighting between her and Melissa was incredible.

I was beyond shocked when Dennis yelled at Clint. In the end, the guys put on a great performance during their presentation. I was moved that Team KOTU visited West Point for their presentation.

There is more excitement to come in next week’s episode. Make sure to tune in!

Week 3

Yeah! Very excited for three wins in a row for Team Athena. We are working together very well. This week’s task was to sell wedding dresses and the team that raised the most money through sales would win. The task was about much more than just selling a wedding dress. We faced a strict deadline to design a space where we would sell the dresses, create marketing materials to create a buzz, and raise funds by making calls and following through with donors. We had 8 hours to sell on day one, and 4 hours on day two. It was intense, but so fun!

The very first thing we did was to take a look at our strengths, and to honestly evaluate how we thought we could each be an asset for this task. We checked our egos at the door, and shared where we felt we could make the greatest impact. For example, Annie Duke had a huge list of donors ready to pitch in financially. Joan and Melissa Rivers had contacts in the wedding industry that offered to help advertise. Melissa also called on the help of her friend, Preston Bailey (the guru of weddings), who helped create our beautiful store. Khloe Kardashian and Claudia Jordan provided great access to the media, and worked with the local radio stations, created blogs and delivered flyers. T-Boz, Brande Roderick and I also helped with the fundraising efforts by reaching out to our various contacts. I had a great contact in Judith Ripka who so kindly supplied jewelry for the girls to try on with their dresses. She also gave each member of our team beautiful pieces to wear for the task and a pair of gold and diamond earnings after we won! Bobbi Brown generously sent one of her make up artists to do makeup for the brides-to-be while they shopped.

As a team, we raised over $100,000. It was absolutely incredible. I was so proud of our team and very thankful for all of my friends and partners who helped us raise funds. As a member of Team McGladrey, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork that I was able to apply during this assignment. With our focus on teamwork, and initially sharing where we thought we could help, we were able to secure another victory!

After watching the show, it was very clear that Team KOTU had a lot of tension. I was shocked to see Dennis Rodman not show on day two. I really wanted to see him in a wedding dress again!!

Make sure to catch the full version of this episode online, or on NBC this Saturday. Tune in Sunday to watch what happens next!

Week Two

Another challenge, another victory! Once again, the women were able to prevail last night over ‘EEE’ and the men. Last night’s challenge was for each group to create a comic book character for, a great online apparel, accessory, and shoe store.

Our plan was to use a comic hero that would emphasize Zappos’ focus on customer service. I have learned just how important customer service is to any business through my relationship with my sponsor, RSM McGladrey, which is one of the most client-focused companies I know. After coming up with our plan, we had to present our comic hero and ideas before the CEO of Zappos and Mr. Trump. Joan Rivers chose me to model the outfit for the presentation. While the costume was perfect for what we were going for, it certainly wasn’t something I would wear on, or off the golf course. And while I was a bit apprehensive about presenting, I thought of my duty to my team and how I couldn’t let everyone down. Being on a team, I felt a different pressure than I typically do out on the course because my teammates were depending on me. I feel that with the right team, anything is possible, and we proved that last night. Everyone contributed
in their own way to pull off the win.

Make sure to tune in next week for more surprises!

Week One

For those of you who tuned in, I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice. It was wild! If you were able to watch, you know that the girls’ team, ‘Athena’, won, while the men's team ended up in the boardroom.

Although we were able to finish with a victory over the men, things didn’t always go as smoothly as we had hoped! When the cupcakes I had mixed ended up sinking, we thought it would be disastrous. Instead of giving up, however, our team decided that we would add chocolate ganache to the sunken cupcakes. This ended up being a great decision, as the cupcakes ultimately went on to win the taste test by the owners of Crumb’s Bake Shop!

It was definitely a treat to be able to watch the boardroom scene from the comfort of our team room, while celebrating the victory over the men’s team.

You will be able to see this and much more of the on camera action, although some of my favorite moments actually occurred when we had finished shooting. It was during this time that I was able to get to know the other celebrities away from their on camera personalities.

If you missed the show, make sure to check out The next episode will air on Sunday, March 8 at 9pm EST.

Natalie Gulbis, who is playing for the Boys and Girls Club of America, is one of 16 celebrities competing for the title of Celebrity Apprentice. She joins a cast that includes Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Jesse James and Scott Hamilton. Be sure to watch this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. It airs every Sunday 9/8c on NBC.

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