Business Graces for Global Places Luncheon

At the 2009 LPGA Tour Player Summit the theme of the luncheon was “Business Graces for Global Places” presented by Lillian Tsai, president of Tsai Communications. The luncheon was an extension of the educational KOLON-LPGA Cross-Cultural Professional Development Program that offers communication training for all members. The LPGA showcases an international membership with a global business footprint and the Kolon Cross Cultural Program is designed to assist all LPGA members in developing core skills that will help them be successful as an LPGA professional.

To begin the luncheon eight LPGA tour players said “Hello” in their non native language. Ms Tsai’s remarks emphasized the importance of being aware of cultural differences. Sign language has many different meanings around the world and can dramatically change depending on the culture. The players watched LPGA and World Golf Hall of Fame members Juli Inkster and Se Ri Pak demonstrate the proper way to exchange business cards in Asia. The attendees were encouraged to change their thinking regarding “the Golden Rule”so it becomes “the Platinum Rule”. Instead of an inward focus of treating others “as you would like to be treated”, Lillian encouraged everyone to think externally about how “the other person would like to be treated”. All players and staff received a handout that summarized the presentation and included a resource list of films and book to encourage further exploration of the customs of other cultures.
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