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Finally! We are back in the continental US. It's only May and I have been all over the world, starting in Hawaii! Not a bad place to start the season. After that week, my Mom and I flew all the way to Korea to visit my family for a couple weeks, then we traveled down to Singapore for the HSBC Championship. A week later, we were in Mexico for the MasterCard Classic, then up to Phoenix for J Golf. We went back down to Mexico again, and now finally, we have a little stretch of events in the US. Whew!

I just finished playing in Williamsburg, Virginia, for the Michelob Ultra Open. I want to tell everyone about my fun and eventful week in this historic town. One of the first things we did when we arrived was go to Colonial Williamsburg, where there are many restored colonial buildings and gardens. There were also reenactments of colonial life with actors dressed in colonial costume. Costumes were also available for visitors to try on and join in the fun!

On Tuesday night, the tournament celebrated Cinco De Mayo. There was an amazing live mariachi band and a rock and roll band that was pretty incredible. The lead singer was one of the best performers I have ever seen. He had the Bob Marley dread lock look and could pull off Michael Jackson's "Bad".

The band played everything from Credence Clearwater Revival to Frank Sinatra. Everyone was jamming to the music including my sister, Kelly, who was visiting from Florida. She and Sandra Gal are good friends from the University of Florida, so when the music started playing, they were the first ones on the dance floor. While I was enjoying my delicious cinnamon churros, not wanting to be bothered, Kelly and Sandra kept pointing at me and calling me over. I was not planning on dancing at all that night - I was still in my golf shoes and hat! Who really wants to see that? But I started to get lonely at my table. After a few more churros and all those great songs being played, I got up there with my sister and all the other girls.

That was a fun night. I never knew Sandra was such a great dancer! My mom also surprised me with those crazy dance moves of hers. She's old school.

Since Anheuser Busch owns the event, every year the players get to go to Busch Gardens for the day. After my round on Friday, Kelly and I were so excited to go to the park. We go to theme parks a lot at home in Orlando, but they never get old. Driving into the park, one of the most impressive things you can see is the Griffon Roller Coaster. It has a 205-foot drop at 90 degrees straight down. That was the first thing Kelly and I did. We brought our good friend, Uncle Jim, along with us. He was cool about it. Good thing he didn't have a heart attack - that would have been difficult to deal with. But he did take it like a man. So after a couple more rides, we went back and ate the buffet they had for us - good ol' American Barbecue.

After watching many of the players winning big, huge stuffed animals from the game booths, we decided to join them. Kelly, Uncle Jim and I started with the ring toss where you have to throw the little red ring onto any of the glass bottles in order to win a giant cow. After throwing away what seemed like 10,000 rings, NONE of us won a single prize. I don't think that anyone can win that game. Trying to boost our spirits, we moved to the water gun station. My water gun was a little defective, so that caused me to lose that game. After that, I tried the booth where all you have to do is knock down three ugly ground hogs with five baseballs. After watching the guy before me win a big fat pig, I thought I could knock them over just as easily. I hit two hogs but that was not a winner.

By now, my sister had already won a big frog. Everyone around me seemed to be winning, but not me! I was starting to get irritated. I tried the bowling booth, where you could win a cute basset hound stuffed animal. However, Irene Cho beat me out on that game, too. Since we had to leave soon, I felt I had only a few chances left. I decided to give it one more try at the frog-catapulting station. All you have to do is catapult a little frog onto a lily pad. After a couple tries, I finally did it! I was so happy! That made my night and I got to go home with a smile on my face and a cute and cuddly turtle.

Now here I sit with my new fuzzy friend telling you my story. I can't wait for what's next!

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