Feng donates Skins winnings to disaster

Liang and Feng Win Skins Game, 600,000 RMB Donation Come to Disaster Areas

On Jan 31, 2008, China Elites Skins Game was held at Nanhai Taoyuan Golf Club in Foshan, Guangdong. Liang Wenchong and Feng Shanshan cooperated for the first time and did well. They won the Skins Game, and got 540,000 RMB prizes, while Zhang Lianwei and Zhang Na won 60,000 RMB prizes. Such bonuses is just a figure for the players, because they have decided to donate all of the prizes to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation as snow and sleet storms disaster relief money before the game.

Feng Shanshan, a 18-year-old girl, is very sensible. We did not come to attend this game for money at all. The most important thing for me is I can play with the players older than me, it's a good chance, She said, We decided to donate all the money, hoping we can help others do our bit.

For Feng Shanshan, she learned many things through this game. I was in the same group with Liang Wenchong, There is so much I can learn from him, Feng said, Such as putting, observe the course, calculate the distance, and so on. Today, Feng performed very well on the back nine holes, especially on the 13th hole. Liang Wenchong said that their winning depends on the good cooperation with Feng Shanshan.

However, just like what Feng Shanshan said, The result of the game is not important anymore, the most important is, we can give our love to the people in disaster areas through our efforts.

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