For the Love of the Fans: Hall, Hull

I have had the pleasure of being a walking scorer at the Jamie Farr Classic both last year and this year. I have worked the Wed. Pro-Am. both years. Last year I walked with Kim Hall and her group of businessmen, and this year with Katherine Hull. Both ladies impressed me with the way they interacted with their groups. If a stranger had watched, not knowing anything about a pro-am, I'm sure they would have concluded that they were observing a group of friends out for a round of golf. I have no doubt that the men who were Kim and Katherine's playing partners left with strong positive feelings about their experience.

Besides the great interaction they fostered with the amateur players, both ladies took the time to thank the two sign carriers and me for volunteering to help. In addition, they not only took the time to say thank you, but after only a quick introduction on the first tee, remembered to thank me by name. I'm 62 years old, and I doubt I would have been as gracious and capable as Kim and Katherine had I been in their shoes when I was in my 20's.

As Kim and Katherine continue to represent the LPGA in pro-am events, those amateurs that draw them as their professional playing partner should consider themselves very fortunate.

My thanks to both Kim and Katherine for giving a volunteer a great experience.

Brett Stanger

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