Quick 18 with Linda Wessberg

1. Are you a neat freak or do you prefer the messier side of life?
It totally depends on who you ask... I would probably say I'm more of a neat freak, but if you ask my parents or boyfriend, they would probably say that I'm messy.

2. If calories and fat grams didn't exist or matter, what dessert would you eat every day?
I have never counted calories or fat grams and I totally eat whatever I feel like. But my favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with fresh Swedish strawberries.

3. What is the one thing you absolutely must do in order to get your day started right?
Have breakfast. I sometimes wake up by being hungry. One nice cup of coffee and a newspaper makes the day extra good.

4. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
Oh I look tired today as well... :)

5. Do you parallel park or drive around the block looking for another spot?
Parallel park of course... I love driving cars.

6. What is your favorite pizza topping?
Bernaise sauce.

7. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I would say both... but not in a combination.

8. Is there anything you won't eat?
I prefer not to eat lamb, and goat cheese.

9. Who is the most frequently dialed person in your cell phone call log?
My boyfriend and my dad.

10. What was your first job?
A receptionist at a golf club in Sweden.

11. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
I would love to be a great dancer, so "Dancing with the Stars".

12. If you get lost while driving, do you stop for directions, make a phone call, or just try and figure it out?
Stop for directions.

13. What do you usually eat for breakfast before your round?
Oatmeal and a big cup of coffee.

14. If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?
I really enjoy the time I have right now.

15. Name one thing you always keep stocked in your refrigerator?
Kalles caviar (in Sweden we have creamed caviar in a tube)

16. Tell me something most people don't know about you?
I practiced diving when I was younger.

17. What is your favorite activity you do when you want to relax?
Spend time at my summer house on the west coast of Sweden, and maybe take the boat out to an island for the day.

18. What other sport would you like to be good at?
I would love to be good at tennis.

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