Wilkins and other LPGA Pros participate in the Cindy Cusano Memorial Pro-Am

The 10th Annual Cindy Cusano Memorial Golf Tournament took place on January 22, 2010, at the Woodlands Country Club in Taramac, FL, to perpetuate the memory of Cindy Cusano, sister of LPGA Pro Donna Wilkins, and to benefit Women in Distress of Broward County. Wilkins had the support and committment of many other LPGA Pros who participated in the Pro-Am to remember Cindy Cusano and help victims of domestic abuse. Participants included LPGA Pros Jean Bartholomew, Audra Burks, Jessica Carafiello, JoAnne Carner, Annette DeLuca, Judy Dickinson, Danielle Downey, Moira Dunn, Jackie Gallagher-Smith, Jenny Gleason, Kate Golden, Nicole Hage, Becky Iverson, Liz Janangelo, Nancy Lopez, Michelle McGann, Barb Mucha, Catherine Pyrpiris, Lisa Strom, Kris Tamulis, and Carrie Wood.


Topics: Wilkins, Donna

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