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Maria Hjorth - Emily is now almost 21 months and she is the most amazing thing that has ever happen to me. I have been traveling with her now on the road since she was five months and she has been wonderful the whole way. She even has her own United mileage card already. Better start early so she saves the points right from the start. Being out on the road as a professional golfer and a mum is a great challange. First of all, the luggage. I must say that if I ever hear someone complain about how the security and traveling at airports is so annoying and difficult, then they should borrow a toddler and travel with them. There is so much that you have to remember, and on top of that remember all of your own belongings too. Then we have the time differences. I mean three hours for us going from the east coast to west coast and then back is not easy. But then you have to try to figure out how to get the kids to fit into it. It can be done but there is a lot to think of when you are out there with a toddler.

I have had a few events recently when Emily has not been travelling with me. She has been back in Orlando where she goes to daycare and has a great routine in everyday life. But this past week she came out to California with me and our nanny. My husband was around for most of the week as well, but he is working as a caddy on the PGA tour and for the first time in forever they were very close to us so he could drive back and stay with us for most of the week.

What I love about having my daughter out on the road is that I totally forget about my golf once I get off the golf course. It is so wonderful to have her around and make you feel like the best mum in the world whether you play good or bad. I think that has really helped me in the way of letting go of the pressure of being a professional athlete. It is not easy being out here grinding and playing, so to have that little heart around helps alot.

I am writing this actually from the San Francisco Airport waiting for a flight that will take me to Asia for three weeks. That is really hard to be away from Emily for that long. She still doesn't really know the difference whether I am away for three days or three weeks but I feel it in my heart. I know that she is doing great at home with Dada and the nanny so I will look forward to every time that I get to see her on Skype. I can not imagine if we didn't have internet what we would do???

That is all for now. I am about to board the plane and catch up on sleep and TV shows on our 14.5 hour flight to Hong Kong.

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