Tschetter writes book titled MR. HOGAN, The Man I Knew

MR. HOGAN, The Man I Knew, a book written by LPGA Tour veteran Kris Tschetter hits the bookstands Thursday, October 14th. Tschetter, who won one LPGA tournament and posted 50 top-10 finishes in her career, shares her personal experiences with one of golf’s greatest legends, Ben Hogan. Tschetter wrote the book alongside Steve Eubanks. MR. HOGAN, The Man I Knew can be purchased anywhere you can buy books.

“This book is a memoir of my time with Mr. Hogan during the last 15 years of his life,” Tschetter told the LPGA. “I have been a member of Shady Oaks Country Club, where Mr. Hogan was a member, since my freshman year at Texas Christian University.  The unwritten rule at Shady was that you were not to bother Mr. Hogan.”

But that did not deter Tschetter. “After a short time of trying to avoid him, I decided to treat him like I did everyone else,” Tschetter continued. “One day he approached me while I was practicing. He offered me a tip, and soon our relationship evolved from hitting balls together to him becoming my teacher, my mentor and my friend.” 

“I rarely talked about our relationship at the time,” Tschetter added. “If I mentioned it, no one believed me anyway.”

Tschetter says that it was not an easy decision for her to write the book. Mr. Hogan was by nature a private man, and Tschetter wasn’t certain that Mr. Hogan would have wanted her to share her experiences. “In the end, though, I wanted to set the record straight,” Tschetter said. “So much has been written about Mr. Hogan and much of it is untrue. I want people to get the chance to see a different side of him, the side that wasn't guarded - the person that I believe he truly was. My hope is that people will read my book and get to know the man I knew.”

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