What sport do you watch the most during the Winter Olympic Games?

Players gear up for the 2010 Olympic Games by answering questions about their favorite Winter Olympic sports.

What sport do you find yourself watching the most during the Winter Olympic Games?
Louise Friberg
Anything when there is a Swede that has a chance to take a medal.
Sandra Gal
Alpine skiing, snowboarding, figure skating and free-style skiing.
Natalie Gulbis
United States
All of them! I am all in, whatever event is being televised. I love the behind the scenes stories of how the athlete has worked their whole life for this chance to represent their country.
Sophie Gustafson
Hockey and downhill skiing.
Lorie Kane
I love to watch all of the Olympics and for sure the CBC TV showing of the Games. They show all countries and not just Canada. They tell the whole story.
Pernilla Lindberg
It feels like it was many years ago that I actually got to watch much of the Winter Olympics. In 2006, when it took place over in Italy, it was hard due to the time difference to watch as much as I would have liked. This time, I will be in New Zealand and Australia, so I doubt I will be able to follow it as much as I would like. However, I try to follow all different kinds of skiing: alpine, cross-country, and biathlon. Biathlon is a very exciting sport to follow on TV.
Catriona Matthew
I like watching all the sports. Luckily we'll be in Britain and the BBC shows great coverage of the Winter Olympics.
Ai Miyazato
Figure skating
Gwladys Nocera
Alpine skiing, snowboarding, and biathlon.
Anna Nordqvist
Skiing because that is where Sweden has the most participants.
Suzann Pettersen
Any sports actually, but especially looking out for Norwegians!
Anna Rawson
Figure skating and ski jumping.
Beatriz Recari
Whatever they are showing when I turn on the TV. Playing a sport professionally myself, I respect every single athlete on this planet.
Dewi Claire Schreefel
The Netherlands
If I will be watching between practice and competition, I will try to watch speed skating but it will probably be just whatever is on at the time.
Marianne Skarpnord
Cross-Country probably.


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