Do LPGA Pros use a real tree or a fake tree during the Holidays?

Do you use a real tree or fake tree during the Holiday season?

Amanda Blumenherst Real! It is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season; picking out the tree!
Christi Cano Fake
Chella Choi Real Tree
Diana D'Alessio Real
Laura Diaz Depends on where I am.
Meredith Duncan Fake
Karine Icher Of course a real tree!! Can't imagine using a fake one. I spend three days for decorations and I need the smell of a real tree.
Katie Kempter Real!! Cut straight from the mountains of New Mexico.
Cindy LaCrosse Real tree!
Brittany Lang Fake, but I might switch to real because I love the smell.
Taylor Leon Fake
Paige Mackenzie Fake
Gwladys Nocera Fake
Kris Tamulis Real!
Wendy Ward Fake tree - less hassle, still got the charm and it's what you put on it that really matters anyway.

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