How will LPGA players spend the Holidays?

Any fun Holiday plans?

Amanda Blumenherst I am spending New Year's Eve in Boston with close Family and friends. And I am so excited about Christmas! My out of state cousins will be in Arizona with my family.
Christi Cano Going to the coast with friends to celebrate New Years and my 30th birthday!
Diana D'Alessio I'm going to spend Christmas in my new house. Looking forward to my Mom and Uncle coming for the Holidays.
Laura Diaz Having in laws.
Meredith Duncan Celebrating with my six year old nephew.
Karine Icher A lot of shopping, decorating for Christmas, buying Christmas gifts, and a lot of cooking for my family.
Katie Kempter Enjoying family time!
Cindy LaCrosse Buying lots of stuff for my 10 month old nephew.
Brittany Lang My boyfriend and I are going to Dallas to be with my family.
Taylor Leon I'm going to the ranch!
Gwladys Nocera Lots of skiing and lots of good food.
Kris Tamulis I'm taking a cruise with family and friends.
Wendy Ward Plow snow, hang out with family and friends, and stay warm by the fire!


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