What is the best holiday gift you've given or received?

What's the best holiday gift you've ever given or received?

Amanda Blumenherst I was given my favorite baby doll when I was seven that I still love. I gave my family a gym membership; boring but they all use it nearly every day (and it saves my mom from having to do more laundry with the towels used in the lockerroom.)
Christi Cano I made my roommate a scrapbook with memories from Christmas because she was transferring to another school.
Diana D'Alessio When I was younger, I used to ride horses. One Christmas my parents bought me a bunch of stuff - tack trunk, saddle and bridle covers, and boot covers. You name it, they bought it for me. I was super excited.
Laura Diaz Birth of my children.
Meredith Duncan I gave my mom a metal retractable back scratcher that she uses all the time!
Karine Icher Given: A week in Vegas with all my family.
Received: A lot of love and a Chopard watch.
Brittany Lang Given toys to kids; or making Christmas goods for people who are in need.
Taylor Leon Given: Coupons to my mom to help her out when I was about 10!
Received: A Barbie cruiser when I was 6!
Paige Mackenzie My family of four once gave each other three copies of the same book.
Gwladys Nocera A trip to surf in Bali.
Kris Tamulis Received: A blow up triceratops that I could ride on. I loved that toy. It still makes me smile.
Given: Either monogrammed towels or Celtics tickets. Depends on who you ask!
Wendy Ward I gave my husband Nate a Rolex watch one year but wrapped it up in disguise in a fly fishing reel box. He was so surprised!


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