Whatever Happened to... Nancy Scranton

Now A Mom, Nancy Scranton Williams Still Finds Time To Win

Nancy Scranton spent 24 years on the LPGA Tour. She won three times, including one major championship at the 1991 du Maurier Ltd. Classic, where she became a Rolex First-Time Winner.

During her career, the perennially cheerful native of Illinois with the signature bucket hats, also recorded nine top-10 finishes in majors, earned more than $3.3 million in prize money and won a spot on the 2000 U.S. Solheim Cup. Her last season on the LPGA Tour was 2008. She has since joined the Legends Tour, for LPGA members ages 45-over, and has won three times with the Legends. 

Scranton married former caddie Mark Williams in 2001, and they are the parents of twins, Libby and Luke. The family lives in Florida, where Scranton has taken up recreational – but competitive – tennis. She recently discussed her LPGA career with LPGA Duramed FUTURES Tour senior writer Lisa D. Mickey. Here’s what she had to say:

LPGA: When was your last season on the LPGA Tour?
Scranton: It was in 2008. I was just done. It was getting harder, and because of my family responsibilities, I was practicing less. When I decided to leave, it was because I didn’t feel like I had the ability to win every week. I played professional golf for 24 years and I knew when it was time to quit. I had the twins at the end of 2004, and we traveled as a family for four years, but it just got to be too much and the Tour’s tournament schedule was becoming more international.

LPGA: Did you utilize the LPGA’s childcare center?
Scranton: Yes, and it was awesome because the kids were with their little friends every week. We couldn’t have done it without them. Years ago, we could drive a lot more, but traveling on tour is so much harder than it used to be. And with twins, we had the double stroller, car seats, plus golf clubs and all the other stuff.

LPGA: Wasn’t your husband, Mark Williams, your caddie?
Scranton: Most of the time, Mark was my caddie, but he also worked for Kelly Robbins for a while. We got married at the end of 2001, and then started our family three years later.

LPGA: It seems that Mark supported your career, and now the roles have switched, haven’t they?
Scranton: Yes, he really did and it was so nice to spend time together. He gave up a lot for me. He has been working as a media official with the PGA Tour and just got a promotion as director of public relations for the Champions Tour.

LPGA: So now, you are a stay-at-home mom, right?
Scranton: Laugter Yes, I am, and it’s great. I don’t know how I had time to do anything else. The twins are 5½ years old and they will start kindergarten next year. They are in pre-kindergarten now. Luke is into soccer and baseball and Libby likes cheerleading, which is killing me. Laugter They both have golf clubs and Luke is interested in golf. They both are also pretty good swimmers. We swim a lot.

LPGA: You’ve become something of a regular winner on the Legends Tour. When did you start playing with the Legends?
Scranton: In 2004, when I turned 45. Laugter I played in my first event with Christa Johnson in 2006 in a scramble/best-ball format and we shot a 58 as a team and won. We won the same event in 2007, and finished second in 2008. It’s so much fun. We’ve all played against each other for most of our lives and now everybody’s just so much more relaxed than we were when we were trying to establish ourselves in our careers. But don’t get me wrong – it’s still competitive. It’s more social than it used to be with all of us, but it’s still pretty competitive.

I’ve won three times and finished second numerous times on the Legends Tour. I just won in April in Tucson [Ariz.] at the Women’s Senior National Invitational held at Omni Tucson National Resort. I practice so little, so my expectations are low and I hit it great. I’ll probably play in five or six of their events this year.

LPGA: Other than playing on the Legends Tour, are you involved in golf in any other way?
Scranton: Not a whole lot. It still feels like our family is getting settled. I have continued doing corporate outings and appearances with Humana Insurance, and I hope to get more involved with junior and women’s golf at St. John’s Golf and Country Club outside St. Augustine (Fla.)

LPGA: Other than building your family, have you taken up any other interests or hobbies?
Scranton: Well, I’m still trying to figure out how to be a stay-at-home mom. I get a little antsy every now and then, but I’m playing a lot of tennis in a women’s league several times a week and it’s great. I’ve never played tennis before, but I’m decent. It’s good exercise and I can be competitive.

LPGA: So, do the women in your tennis league know about your golf career, or know what you’re doing now when you leave town to play Legends Tour events?
Scranton: Laugter Well, they didn’t, but when I won a tournament in April, somebody asked, “Can you make money doing that?” And then they got on Google and looked me up. So yeah, now they know.

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