University visit at Tres Marias Championship

LPGA Tour players Erica Blasberg, Mina Harigae and Mariajo Uribe went “back to college” today when they visited the Universidad Latina De America in Morelia, site of this week’s Tres Marias Championship. The University supports the tournament with volunteers, so the three players visited student-athletes and talked about a range of subjects, including their days in college (Blasberg/University of Arizona, Uribe/UCLA and Harigae/Duke), how they learned the sport of golf, and their thoughts on Lorena Ochoa. Responding to a question regarding golf being a sport for old people, Erica Blasberg said, “I believe that used to be true. When I was growing up and starting to play golf there weren't a lot of fresh, new people out there. Over the past 10 to 15 years there are so many young people playing golf that get excited about it. There are so many groups and organizations around for young people to go around and have fun with each other, where maybe a few years ago that wasn't there. I disagree that it is an old person's sport. There are so many young kids on the PGA and LPGA leading on Sunday afternoon in tournaments. It's fun to watch.”

Topics: Blasberg, Erica, Harigae, Mina, Uribe, Mariajo

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