2010 Fan Diary: Tres Marias Championship

Karla reports from the Tres Marias Championship.


What a finish - Ai did it again and it seems like she only needed a little push to become a huge LPGA star. Different from other events, there are only three Japanese reporters here and they had a big time with her victory.

I was amazed with Stacy Lewis - she's such a solid player with her approach shots and is really strong with her putting. It was too bad for Wie's fans, as she didn't play as solidly as she had the previous days. Maybe she was nervous or something.

Now, Lorena's farewell was as emotional as I thought it would be - around 30 LPGA players were waiting on the 18th green, and at the end they came over and hugged her. It was pretty cool. Then she received a vest, like the one her caddie used, with her name and the Mexican flag on it.

Many players were crying, and you could tell they really love her. Lorena shared a few tears, too. She was emotional with all the people on the stands waving white handkerchiefs and cheering for her.

She gave a speech thanking her sponsors, her fans, and her family. As she finished, lots of green, red, and white papers flew through the sky and the Mariachi band sang a couple of songs.

Lorena's closest friends, called la cuadra (the street), were with her all through the round, as well as the Conesa, the Ochoa, and the Reyes families.

I'm sure this was one of the best player good-byes ever! Lorena will always be remembered not only as a great player, but also as a wonderful person.

Karla Villegas Gama


Lorena will say goodbye tomorrow and that's it. Of course the decision was tough, but its even tougher to see how people already miss her. Everyone around here is crazy about her, hearing all the cheers and chants no matter what, was very pleasant.

She hasn't played her best, but you can understand why - she's just trying her best to enjoy her last holes as an active LPGA player.

Today she signed autographs in her Foundation stand. The line was very long, and even when the wind was blowing hard and the sun was intense, people stood there, waiting to see her and wish her the best for the future.

Now, golf-wise, Karen Stupples aced the 14th which was amazing. She was having lots of trouble on the green and all of a sudden, she made a hole-in-one - very impressive.

Ai Miyazato played steady but very smart. She didn't let her nerves break her down - and that was the key to becoming the leader - while Lincicome and Wie couldn't convert birdie opportunities, and trust me they had a bunch!

If Ai keeps up the good work, she can grab her 3rd victory in Mexico, which would be very cool and would definitively put her closer to the first position in the Rolex Rankings.

We'll see what happens. We expect to have mariachis and a big celebration tomorrow!



Lorena's farewell is tremendously emotional. Galleries are supporting her with chants, banners, and memorabilia.

Today was particularly special - she said goodbye to long-time friend Natalie Gulbis since she didn't made the cut. Still, Lorena said she would visit her in Vegas sometime because their friendship is solid.

Even when Ochoa hasn't played her best, it seems like she's enjoying every single minute of the tourney; her family is here to support her. Alejandro (her brother), her parents, and her husband came to see the world's number one.

Lorena has lots of pressure on her. Se wants to leave as the best, but also to give her country another win, which might not happen if Wie continues to play the way she did today. She displayed a brilliant short game, and if it hadn't been for the last two holes, she would have even more of an advantage.

Ai didn't play as consistently as yesterday when she broke the course record, but she kept her cool and is still in the hunt, so don't count her out.

Brittany's hole-in-one was great, but it's important to say that she is definitively taking advantage of her driving distance, especially on the par 5's.

Tomorrow should be exciting but also very crowded. People here don't care about the steep hills, the wind, or the heat - they just want to wish Lorena good luck in her new life.


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