For the Love of the Fans: Beatriz Recari

Dear Beatriz Recari,

I wanted to send you a special “thank you” for allowing me to spend the day with you, Andreas (your caddie and boyfriend) and our other Pro-Am partners at this year’s Navistar LPGA Classic. So many times when I get a chance to play golf with other groups and they find out that I am a Wounded Warrior I get treated different. I was impressed when you stopped your play and asked me what happened and how I became wounded. Your sincerity in taking a moment to listen to my story really made me feel that you as a Professional Golfer cared to hear what a Professional Soldier does for his country. I also enjoyed the fact that even though I thought I brought my “A” Game , you too brought yours and you never cut me any slack on the course. So many people think because I am wounded I lost my competitiveness, I’m glad you were able to push me to do my best on every shot and offering all of us tips and insights that only a Professional Golfer would know.

What I was most impressed with was your off course conduct. You play the game with a lot of integrity, and in the military we are taught Integrity is doing the right thing all the time, even if you think no one is watching. You made sure to thank the many volunteers around the course and practice areas. You were always cordial to the fans and guests at the clubhouse. You carry yourself very well and display the qualities of a Champion. You spent lots of time practicing on the putting green and always showed the intensity and focus it takes to play at your level.

It was an honor to play with you and I can truly say I am a Beatriz Fan!!!!!!

Joe Caley

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