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Since my last blog I have been quite busy. It seems that there is never a dull moment in the life of a professional golfer.

On Tuesday morning, April 20th, I made my way out to Brownsville, Texas, where our connecting plane was cancelled due to maintenance, so we had to wait two more hours until the next flight out. Never good to get on a plane when the maintenance light has come on... ha. But we made it safely into Texas where the mosquitoes were loving all 144 of us sweet girls. The last day of the tournament, I was in the number one fairway and a spotter came up behind me and smacked my shoulder and was like "I got it!!" All I could do was just laugh and ask him where he was for the other 16 bites. But thank goodness all the bites have healed now!!

After Brownsville, we drove the few hours up to San Antonio where it was beautiful. I love San Antonio and my housing is great. They call themselves "red head central" because they obviously are all red heads…the wife and husband, the two girls, and even the pets are strawberry blonde! It was my second year with them and we had a blast as always. They took us to a place where we learned how to swing dance plus to see a live newscast at 10. And it was also a wonderful week full of lots of yummy foods with them too…that was a definite plus!! Also during the week, Paul from the LPGA came out for two weeks with the Duramed FUTURES Tour to help any players with club repairs, changes, or regrippings. I had kind of learned how to regrip my clubs while I was at the University of Georgia, but when I went to regrip them with Paul…well let's just say I probably still couldn't change my grips the right way if I had to... ha! It was definitely one of the most entertaining hours of my life…but I bet it was more entertaining for Paul - watching me try to cut the grips off and take the tape off the shafts. He is very good at what he does, and I can't thank him enough for coming out and helping us on Tour!! I know it was a big help to all of us players! And I am sure he is just happy to have his trailer still in one piece after I was in there for over an hour =)

After San Antonio I flew home for a few days and then went to Mobile, Alabama, to try and Monday qualify for the Bell Micro LPGA Classic. I hit the ball very well, but I just couldn't make any putts and ended up not making it, so I am on my way to Kansas now, where the weather is going to be a little chilly! But that's okay because I'll see my host parents, Linda and Jerry. Linda is an amazing cook, and I can't wait for what she has in store for us this week! So basically I have updated you all to where I am today and hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will talk with you again soon!!

Until next time….

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