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For the Love of the Fans: Katie Futcher

I am an employee of State Farm Insurance and am very proud of our relationship with the LPGA through our sponsorship of the LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield annually. Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to play in the Wednesday Pro-Am several times with some wonderful players including Pearl Sinn, Betsy King and Julie Inkster. All of them have been wonderful to play with and it is very apparent they understand the importance of the fan base of the LPGA.

This year I had the pleasure of playing with Katie Futcher. What a wonderful example she is of the future of the LPGA. Not only is she is an extraordinary golf talent, but she clearly "gets it" when it comes to establishing that special relationship with her Pro-Am partners. We had a very enjoyable round of golf. I was lucky enough this year to have my daughter, who is a member of her high school golf team, caddy for me. Katie took the extra time during the round to have several discussions with her about playing golf at the high school and collegiate level. She made a special point to tell my daughter how her college golf career gave her the discipline to succeed both academically and as a student athlete. She made quite the impression on my daughter. Katie paid it forward for those four hours during the tournament week.

We had the pleasure of watching Katie shoot an outstanding round of golf on Sunday afternoon before mother nature decided to take control of the tournament. This week, to my surprise, I received a handwritten thank you note from Katie with a special word of thanks for my daughter and I following her during the final round. With a focus on her career, she still took the time to recognize two faces in the crowd.

I thought it is important to let someone with the LPGA know that Katie is a fine example of the future of the LPGA. Not only is she involved as a player and a representative to the LPGA board, she is making an impact on young players who may dream of someday playing at a competitive level.

Bloomington, IL

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