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KAREN STUPPLES: It's Tuesday, September 14th, and we are taking a road trip - not to a tournament, but on a family vacation. We are driving from Rogers, AR, where we played the P&G NW Arkansas Championship Presented by Walmart to Gatlinburg, TN. It's about an 11-hour drive, but Logan has become a brilliant traveler. Over the last three years he has traveled more miles than his grandparents. This holiday will be great for him - it's my way of giving back to him after being away playing in tournaments. He always takes it in stride and has finally become quite chatty on Skype. I think all the moms would agree with me when I say it's hard being away from your children. At first, it's rather nice, as you are on your own time. You have time to get a workout, spend extra time on the putting green, or even get a massage! But pretty soon the novelty wears off and you realize you're missing the hugs and the giggles. This is why Skype is such a lifesaver, allowing us to stay connected.

I plan on spoiling Logan this week. I think we are going to a water park, going to see dinosaurs, a train, an aquarium, and believe it or not, we are going to bake a cake. Logan is going to be in charge of the frosting! I think he will eat more than what will end up going on the cake.

After all that excitement, we head back to Orlando so I can get ready for the Navistar LPGA Classic Presented by Monaco RV in Alabama. Logan will be with me there and the following week in Danville before I head away for another two weeks in Asia. It will be great to have my little buddy around for those two. He will have fun as he gets to play with his best friend, Craig, Janice Moodie's little man.

Until then, let the Vacation begin!

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