How will LPGA Players prepare for the 2011 season?

How will you prepare for 2011?

Amanda Blumenherst I am going to continue to work on my short game.
Chella Choi Mental training and study English.
Diana D'Alessio Take some time off to recharge my battery. Then I'll work with my coach starting in January.
Laura Diaz Practice
Meredith Duncan Make a schedule and stick to it.
Karine Icher Spending the off season in Orlando with my team.
Cindy LaCrosse I'm going to work out a lot to get into good shape and really focus on 100 yards and in.
Taylor Leon Come to Orlando where it's warm!
Paige Mackenzie Work on any equipment and ball changes.
Gwladys Nocera Relax first, train hard.
Kris Tamulis I will work hard to make my putting the best it can be.
Wendy Ward New fitness program for January. Start making trip to California in January practicing with my coach.


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