Meet LPGA Futures Tour Graduate Jenny Gleason

In her eighth season, LPGA Futures Tour member Jenny Gleason of Clearwater, Florida, finished No. 9 in season earnings at $30,331.

Gleason had a great year in 2011. In 15 starts, she recorded six top-10 finishes, with her best finish in the Symetra Classic finishing second. She is tied for first with the most top-10 finishes this season.

Here’s what Gleason has to say about her 2011 Futures Tour seasons and she shares a little about herself:

LPGA: How would you describe your 2011 season on the LPGA Futures Tour?
GLEASON: Consistent. Out of my eight years on tour this past season was by far the most consistent one I have had yet. I believe that almost half the time I teed it up I shot under par. There are a lot of things I can attribute to this but not one that I would say made a huge difference. Everything started to come together last off-season and it was nice to see some results after working hard the past two years. I got a new fitness trainer in the off-season of 2009 and decided to make some necessary swing changes too. It was nice this year to trust what I had trained and asked my body to do.

LPGA: Many would not have stuck out eight years on the Futures Tour. Why did you?
GLEASON: You know I have chosen to play this crazy game as my career and as you all know out there it can be a "love-hate" relationship sometimes. In all my years on tour I have had both the high's and low's. But I would not trade it for anything in the world. Winning twice in 2005 on the Futures Tour was one of my favorite moments in my career and I'm constantly looking for that third win. The desire that I have to compete and get better has unsurpassed anything else. I am very blessed to get to call a golf course my office :-)

LPGA: How do you feel about earning your LPGA card for 2012?
GLEASON: Receiving my tour card in Albany was a great way to end the year. We travel all over the country for six months out of the year and tee it up each week hoping to finish at the end of the year in the top-five on the money list for a full LPGA Tour Card. It was a great awards ceremony. I wish all my family and friends could have been there to celebrate with me.

LPGA: Are you planning on attending LPGA Qualifying Tournament – Final Stage?
GLEASON: Yes I am going to LPGA Final stage of Q School. Unfortunately, there is a night and day difference between fifth and sixth on the money list. Finishing six to 10 on the money list puts you in a pretty low priority to get into LPGA events for the 2012 season. If I want to continue to live my dream and play full time on the LPGA I need to attend Q School and finish in the top-20 to receive full status. Goodness knows I have been there a few times...I could probably name you every target on both course without my yardage book in front of me.

LPGA: What are you doing to prepare for the tournament?
GLEASON: I have started preparing for Q School out in Texas. I will be back in Florida the beginning of November. October is my favorite month in Texas and it has been perfect weather to get a lot of work done with my golf. However, there are many more important things besides the ball beating on the range to prepare. I of course have been drinking lots of coffee, shaving my legs every morning (very important to get the day started right), making sure my toe nails are painted, eating lots of chips and salsa, enjoying an occasional adult beverage or two and watching all the cartoon network I can handle. I should be good to go by Nov. 30th!!!!!!

LPGA: Have you set any goals yet for the LPGA Tour?
GLEASON: Oh I don't know...Let's get crazy and say WIN!!!!!!!!!

LPGA:What are your plans for the off-season?
GLEASON: I haven't really thought about the off-season yet but I know that it will involve at least one ski trip to Colorado at some point. I also might pick up sewing and maybe start writing my book titled "The Story of the Traveling Tee" Life of a mini tour golfer.

LPGA:What did you learn most about your game this season?
GLEASON: I will have to give a shout out to my good buddy Lisa Strom who has moved on and retired from professional golf. We figured out something about my golf game back on a putting green in Florida in January. I can't release all my secret because if I told ya I would have to kill ya. I learned that no matter what stage you are in your career there is always room for learning and improvement. And then to get really good at it you have to work at it and practice it till your blue in the face.

LPGA:When the top-10 Futures Tour players earn their cards, they get giant replicas of their LPGA Tour card. Do you still have your big card?
GLEASON: You betcha I still have that thing. After flying all over the country with it I am happy to say that it sits on Angela Stanford's mantel in Texas.

LPGA:If you weren’t a professional golfer what else would you do?
GLEASON: If you ask my family or friends they would say I could pretty much do anything. I have always wanted to drive a garbage truck even since I was a little kid. Maybe be a singer on Broadway someday or work for NASA and put people on the moon. But I will say that I am very very happy at both jobs that I have.

LPGA:We know you can play golf, so tell us if you have any other hidden talents?
GLEASON: I'm not sure if you would call this a hidden talent but I do everything left handed except golf. The first golf club I picked up was right handed so I didn't know otherwise and that's how it all began. I've always wondered what would have happened on the other side of the ball.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me every step of the way in the last eight years. As golfers who literally live out of their cars for more than half the year and don't get home much, I have to give a shout out to all my private housing who opens their homes to me on a weekly basis. I have to thank my mom and dad too. There is no way I would be the person I am today without them cheering me on every step of the way. What a wild ride the 2011 season was and I'm looking forward to a little R&R after tour school.


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