Have you ever eaten a piece of holiday fruitcake?

Have you ever actually eaten a piece of holiday fruitcake? What did it taste like?

Amanda Blumenherst No.
Chella Choi Not yet, I'll try this year :-)
Sandra Gal Never
Mina Harigae Yes and it tastes like a big chewy granola bar to me.
Caroline Hedwall No
Jimin Kang Fruitcake? Isn't fruitcake..all kinds of fruit on the cake? Is so, yes and if no, nope.
Christina Kim No. Eww!
Paige Mackenzie Yes, sweet and hard.
Catriona Matthew We have Christmas cake, lovely.
Anna Nordqvist No
Pornanong Phatlum Yes. It is sweet and juicy. I like it very much.
Dewi Claire Schreefel What's a holiday fruitcake?
Giulia Sergas No
Jenny Shin Fruitcake?
Angela Stanford No
Karen Stupples Yes, I have many times - Yummy!
Lexi Thompson No

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