What is the best gift you've ever given?

What's the best holiday gift you've ever given? We're not talking about the fanciest or most expensive gift, but one that made you far more excited about giving it than about anything you might receive in return.

Amanda Blumenherst I gave my mom, dad, brother, sister and grandma a two year membership to the Village (a great gym near their house.) My sister had been begging my parents for it for awhile.
Sandra Gal I gave my mom a really nice book that I put together through Apple. It had pictures of different sunsets on each page and an inspirational quote next to it.
Jimin Kang Nice letter and Christmas card from my mother and grandmother, and my sister-in-law's hand made Christmas card.
Christina Kim Every gift I've given that has made the recipient smile.
Anna Nordqvist I made a photo book one year to my parents with lots of memories from that year. Very received.
Pornanong Phatlum Fill a full box with lots of gifts for operation Christmas child.
Dewi Claire Schreefel Way back in my secondary education; equivalent to high school I guess, we had to make something around, just the present for whomever you got in the lottery. My person was a boy who loved being a boy scout, so I spent hours creating an arts and craft boy scout.
Giulia Sergas A poem to my grandma.
Jenny Shin A five page letter to my best friend. I put a lot of thought, time and effort and it meant a lot to me.
Angela Stanford I gave my mom a necklace with a pink diamond in the middle. I was so proud of her for battling breast cancer and winning!!
Lexi Thompson A picture of me and my brothers together on the golf course for my parents. They loved the picture of us.
Amy Yang I bought a couple of rings for my parents.

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