Get to know the 2011 Rookies - Favorite place to travel

The rookies of the 2011 LPGA Tour are beginning to make a name for themselves. Get to know the rookies as they share their thoughts on a few topics. Check back towards the start of the season to find out more about your favorite rookies as shares some insight into their lives.

Where is your favorite place to travel? And why?
Shasta Averyhardt
I love traveling to big cities because there is always something to do off the golf course!
Christel Boeljon
South Africa, it's beautiful and great courses.
Danah Bordner
San Francisco and the surrounding country, hiking and golf.
Becky Brewerton
New Zealand, beautiful and peaceful country.
Sara Brown
Back home to my bed because I don't get to be in it that much during the season.
Sarah Brown
Well considering most of my life is spent traveling, I would say that I don't have a favorite place to travel but I do have a favorite place and that is my home with my family!
Dori Carter
Sea Island, Georgia - great place to play golf.
Jodi Ewart
Anywhere in the Southwest, I love the culture and weather in the SW, not to mention the food! Internationally, I love Dubai when I visited and would love to go back without the golf clubs.
Tiffany Joh
Mexico, the food!
Jennifer Johnson
I don't have a favorite place to travel, but I like to go to places that I have never traveled before. Sweden, Germany, Scotland and Japan are definitely at the top of my list.
Kimberly Kim
In Colorado, because the air is fresh and the scenery is spectacular and beautiful.
Stephanie Kim
Home because I travel everywhere else and it's nice to be home.
Jessica Korda
Prague, Czech Republic, because that is where most of my family is.
Amelia Lewis
Europe, because I love new places and learning about the history.
Harukyo Nomura
Europe, I have been there.
Ryann O'Toole
To the lake, love being on the water and hanging out on the boat, wake boarding and tubing.
Stephanie Sherlock
Probably home because I'm not there very often.
Jenny Shin
South Korea
Haven't done it yet.
Jenny Suh
Home - I love spending time with family and friends because it recharges me mentally, physically and emotionally.
Jaclyn Sweeney
Rome, Italy because I vacationed there with my family and I love the history of the city.
Alison Whitaker
Back home to Melbourne. It's so multi-cultural that it's like living in a mini world of your own.

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