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Kristy McPherson hits her tee shot on the sixth hole during the first round of the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic at Highland Meadows Golf Club on July 1, 2010 in Sylvania, Ohio. caught up with Kristy McPherson back in January before she started her season. Find out how she prepared for 2011.

Sum up your 2010 season.
Not great, not terrible. I had some good events and disappointing in some areas. I would say right there in the middle of the road.

Did your elbow injury affect your game in 2010?
I would say some towards the end of the season it really started to bother me. It wasn't really the fact that it hurt but the fact that I would think about it instead of thinking about the golf swing. My elbow would just catch at some points and when you're worried and thinking it might catch and then if it doesn't then you're surprised but if it does then it hurts.

You had surgery in the off season, can you talk about what it exactly was?
I had a couple of pieces of loose bone in my elbow that chipped off in there and it would kind of float around and get stuck in the wrong spot. They went in there and got the pieces that were giving me fits and I had bad tennis elbow so they went ahead and did a tennis elbow release as well.

How have you been rehabbing it?
It's going really well. I was lucky to get to go up to South Carolina for about a month with my parents and do rehab there. Since I wasn't playing golf the cold weather didn't bother me. It was nice to be up there. It's getting better. I played 18 holes twice so hopefully I can get some good work in the next two weeks before going to Thailand.

What did you want to improve in your game for 2011?
There were quite a few things that let me down in 2010. One of the main things was I didn't hit as many greens as I would've like to. Greens in regulation is always an important stat on the LPGA. If you are top-10 in greens in regulation then you are probably in the top-10 on the money list. I need to work on hitting more greens and giving myself more birdie opportunities next year.

How do you prepare for a new season?
Some practicing and working out. With the elbow surgery I've had a little bit more time to work on my short game which is probably a blessing in disguise that I got injured last year so I could spend more time on short game.

What is the best part of your game heading into the season? And what needs a little more work?
I think short game is going to be pretty good which everybody knows if you have a good short game then you can get around. I don't think I'll be playing as much as I like but hopefully I'll be going at it at 100%. I know I'll be able to get it around the golf course but I feel like if I have a month just to work on short game then it'll be better than it has in the past.

What are you goals for 2011?
My number one goal is to make the Solheim Cup. It's every American and European's goal. In order to do that I have to finish with top-20s, focus a little more on majors, play well in majors and that was a big difference for me between 2009 and 2010.

Will those Solheim Cup points be in the back of your mind?
You try to just play golf but when the time gets a little closer you start to think more about it. Right now I'm sitting at 10 and hopefully I'll be sitting well inside of it when it comes time to make a decision so that I'm not too worried about it.

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