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Birdies for Pit Bulls had a visit with Rescuzilla in Manhattan

By Mollie Fankhauser

This past weekend, Birdies for Pit Bulls had a visit with Rescuzilla in Manhattan, NY. Rescuzilla is a dog rescue that takes in all dogs from New York City, with 90% being Pit Bulls. All of the Rescuzilla dogs are housed in foster care until they are adopted out so they are "house ready" upon adoption. Rescuzilla was founded by Susan Cava after many years of volunteering at several NYC dog rescues. Susan also works with Alfonso Sawadan, the resident dog trainer.

Alfonso is also Rufus' foster dad, and I had the privilege of meeting both Alfonso and Susan at the Carl Shurz Park on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last Saturday.

Rufus was brought into Rescuzilla foster care from a hoarding case. Rufus spent the first 1.5 years of his life living on a dining room table in a small apartment with 21 other dogs. Needless to say, he's always excited to go out and experience daily walks and interactions with people and dogs!

We spent a few hours with Rufus walking around the park. His adorable "Adopt Me" vest caught lots of attention. He is such a fun loving pooch who is very sweet. Rufus' foster dad has another Pit Bull from Rescuzilla which he adopted named Big Kahuna. Big Kahuna has been a great foster brother to Rufus, showing him the way, and often giving him the couch!

Check out the Rescuzilla t-shirts on their web page where they feature the cute mugs of their own Pit Bull rescues. Not only do you get a fabulous looking t-shirt for the Summer, but you're supporting a great cause!

If you or anyone you know is looking for a lovable little Rufus please call 646-285-7708 or e-mail Rescuzilla@gmail.com

For more information on Birdies for Pit Bulls, please visit and "Like" our Facebook page

Our mission in Birdies for Pit Bulls is to raise as much money and awareness to help such amazing and loving dogs. I am going to donate a $2 for every birdie I make during my 2011 season on the LPGA Tour as well as the Ladies European Tour. I hope you will match my donation for Columbus Pit Bull rescues.

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