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Style Watch: Belen Mozo loves fashion

Photo Credit: Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Belen Mozo of Spain plays a tee shot during the Final Round of the Wal-Mart NW Arkansas Championship presented by P&G at Pinnacle Country Club on September 11, 2011 in Rogers, Arkansas.

Behind the scenes: Belen Mozo, LPGA player

By Janice Ferguson
GPA Style Editor,

Since Greg Norman Collection announced its apparel sponsorship of LPGA player Belen Mozo in January, a lot has changed for the young Spanish-born beauty. And, according to her, the changes have all been good.

Mozo recently did a Greg Norman Collection photo shoot in Southern California, where she also agreed to a Q-and-A with The Apparel Wire.

Apparel Wire: How are you adjusting to all of the extra responsibilities and attention the Greg Norman Collection sponsorship has brought to your life in your rookie year - photo shoots, interviews, etc.?
Belen Mozo: I actually have fun doing the photo shoots and interviews. It's a chance for me to express my personality, which I can't do as much on the golf course because I am so focused on trying to win.

AW: Do the added demands on your time detract from the work you need to put into your golf game, or is this every LPGA player's dream job to be a brand representative/model and a professional athlete?
Mozo: I honestly hadn't thought about being the face of a brand before I turned pro - my vision has always been to be the No. 1 player in the world. I'm focused on winning tournaments, so no matter what, I find time to work on my golf and conditioning.
But the best thing about working with GNC is being part of a team, which many people don't get to experience in an individual sport like golf. They support me and want me to win, and I want to make sure I help them build their brand ... I love my GNC clothes, and I love the people at GNC, so the challenge of managing my time is worth it.

AW: What do you like most about wearing Greg Norman Women's Collection apparel on the golf course?
Mozo: The GN Women's Collection makes me feel confident as a woman and as a golfer. The clothes are colorful, bold and full of life, so I feel that they reflect my personality. The Collection is also super comfortable, and the players and fans compliment my outfits all the time! All these things, combined with the support and mentorship of a legend like Greg Norman, are amazing and give me strength when I step on the course.

AW: What is your style off the golf course - are you a jeans and t-shirt girl, or do you prefer platforms and short skirts?
Mozo: Jeans and t-shirt usually. I'm pretty relaxed off the course, but I also love fashion and clothing design, so I mix it up.

AW: Do you get to decide or have input in what outfits you will wear for tournaments or is it all scripted for you?
Mozo: I have a lot of fun picking the outfits myself, but I'm looking forward to GNC scripting some outfits for me at the majors. Once I have some more twitter followers I want to start asking my fans to help me select my outfits too!

AW: Has the reaction you get from friends and family when you go home to Spain changed since you turned pro? If so, how?
Mozo: People still treat me the same in Spain because I haven't changed at all as a person. But it is great to have so much support and love from all my friends and family at home. It just makes me want to work even harder to make them proud.

AW: What's the number one piece of advice you would give to young golfers, girls and boys, who have a dream of playing professionally someday?
Mozo: Dream big, believe in yourself, and work hard!

AW: Here's an easy one for you -- what's your favorite food, your favorite color and your favorite activity, sports-related or not, outside of golf?
Mozo: Spanish food is still my favorite, but I also love Thai food. I like just about every color. I love tennis, reading and relaxing at the beach.

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