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Fankhauser continues Birdies for Pit Bulls in Portland

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Mollie Fankhauser checks in with her latest blog about her charity Birdies for Pit Bulls.

While I was in Portland a few weeks ago for the Safeway Classic Presented by Coca-Cola, Birdies for Pit Bulls made a visit to the Multnomah County Animal Services to spend some time with their Pit Bulls. Located just outside Downtown Portland, Stephanie Collingsworth gave us the grand tour of this fantastic shelter.

Stephanie is one of their Animal Care Technicians as well as the head of Behavior & Training for the shelter. Taking in 5,000 cats and 5,000 dogs each year (1,500 being Pit Bulls) is a big job, and the Multnomah County Animal Services and its volunteers and employees have it down to a fine science.

The Multnomah County shelter has instated an "Open Paw" feeding policy, where they supply their dogs with their daily nutrition via Kongs filled with dog food, as well as a bucket attached to each cage, where visitors, volunteers and employees feed the dogs throughout the day by hand. Stephanie explained that this exercise helps the dogs by having more human contact and being more social throughout the day.

While at the shelter, Stephanie introduced us to one of the newest Pit Bulls to the shelter, she currently doesn't have a name, but she sure has a precious face.

The team at Multnomah are very sensitive to the needs of every dog. For example, Princess was getting a little stir crazy in her kennel, so they often have her in one of the offices in the shelter. This allows Princess a little quiet time and one on one attention from the staff.

The shelter is always looking for additional volunteers and especially foster parents for their dogs. Any donations of food for cats or dogs is always appreciated.

Check out their website and facebook pages to stay up to date with the shelter and opportunities you may have to help out, and to view the list of their adoptable animals.

http://www.multcopets.org | Facebook


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