Brittany Lincicome: Worldwide Wanderer

Brittany Lincicome talks about finding “me” time in her busy schedule

To the devoted golf fan, “off-season” means lounging on the couch counting down the days for the next golf season to start.

Or so we hope.

But for LPGA professionals it means it’s time to squeeze in any and every golf outing with sponsors, participation in pro-ams and charity projects while finding the time to practice and prepare for the next season. With a schedule like this, it may not be surprising that they’re more ready for tournament play than their fans.

“I always say I’m ready for the season to start because then I’m not as busy as I am when I go home for the off-season,” says Brittany Lincicome. “Once I’m home I don’t have a lot of down time, and when I’m on the road it’s strictly golf and I feel more relaxed.”

The 27-year-old says the off-season never seems long enough to accomplish everything she wants to do, but knows when to take some time off when it is needed.

“I think I have a great balance of both,” Lincicome said. “Golf is obviously my job and I need to focus on that but when I feel like I need some time off and do things I want to do, I make time to do that. It’s nice to be your own boss and have your own schedule.”

So, what do LPGA players do during the off-season?

Many travel to their home countries to spend time with family for the holidays, some stay put and focus on golf, while others get the itch to vacation and be a tourist for once. It seems they just can’t get shake the travel bug.

For Lincicome, exploring South Africa a few weeks before the season begins was just want she needed to clear her mind of all the demands of being a star on the LPGA Tour.

“The Tour has taken us to so many wonderful places but obviously we don’t necessarily have the opportunity to be tourists and look around the cities we go to,” she says. “People looked at me like I was crazy for going just a few weeks before the season starts. But you know I’m so happy I got to go because it was incredible. I’m young; I might as well travel while I can.”

From wandering around Cape Town, to climbing mountains and seeing animals in their natural habit, she says it was the perfect vacation; however she did have a scare during her last adventure in South Africa.

“We almost got trampled on by a massive elephant while we were on a safari ride,” says Lincicome. “There were 12 elephants around us and (our driver) warned us that they might be a little aggressive toward us. Well, the guy had stalled out the jeep completely, and we looked over and this giant elephant was charging us and taking down trees like they were twigs. Luckily we got the car started before he got any closer. It was intense.”

Now a self-proclaimed animal lover, Lincicome says one of the reasons she’s looking forward to Australia, other than getting the 2013 season started, is visiting a nearby Zoo.

“I remember a few years ago when we played in Australia, kangaroos were hoping up and down the fairway,” Lincicome recalls. “I always thought it was pretty cool. Hopefully we get to see that happen again.”

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