Yani Tseng partners with Qlove to raise money with birdies and eagles

The Smiling Golf Queen and Rolex Rankings World No. 1, Yani Tseng, joins the Qlove Golf Charity Foundation to create and accumulate positive energy.

Tseng announced the formal partnership with the Qlove today, as "Loving Heart Ambassador". She will start, from the first tournament of her 2013 season the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open. The “Happy Donation Plan” includes any official LPGA event, where she will donate $50 for each birdie she scores and $200 for each eagle she scores to the Foundation. Tseng's donation will be designated towards childhood leukemia and lymphoma.

"Qlove" is an independently registered public welfare charity organization in the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs, which was spontaneously organized by a group of golfers. The Foundation advocates the idea of "enjoy golfing, sharing love", and is committed to aid the poor sick children, to help low-income families, to improve the living standard of the childless and disabled elders, to popularize the public health knowledge, and to support the development of social undertakings in poor areas. It’s already won the society's widespread support and recognition, especially in childhood leukemia and scoliosis.

According to the stats of LPGA Tour, Tseng was the "Birdie  Queen" of 2011. She topped the field with 358 birdies in 77 rounds and her seven eagles ranked fourth. Last year, Tseng got 324 birdies in 82 rounds and ranked sixth, meanwhile, her eight eagles ranked in second place

It should be said that last year was a relatively difficult year for the world best female golfer, but she still keeps her trademark bright smile. For this reason, the fans call her "Smiling Nini". But besides those close friends and her team, few people understand how much courage and strength she might need to keep this sunny smile. Indeed, it is not difficult to smile when everything is going well for you, but it is a big challenge, not only to smile but also to smile naturally and brightly when things are not going well for you.

"Smile and laugh are language that do not  need to be translated, are best vehicles for transferring love. Smile and laugh can also make winter not feeling too cold, make adversity no feeling too hard......" said Tseng, "I hope I can shorten the distance of all golf fans from heart to heart through my smiling face, also let the people in the desperation feel hopeful. This is just my reason of keeping a smile all the time”.

Since the beginning of her professional career, Tseng has been enthusiastic in charity. "But when it comes to help the people in need, only smile and a positive spirit is not enough, we also need to do more. This is also the reason that I started to cooperate with Qlove in 2013, I hope my contributions to the charity can provide substance support to those in need." said Tseng talking about Qlove.

For the charitable activities of Qlove Foundation, Tseng agrees a lot and would very much like to join the team. "Qlove is a great foundation, it has already funded a large number of leukemia patients and children patients with scoliosis in the past two years, above all, it arouses love of every amateur golfer, let them enjoy the golf ,and at the same time, not forget to share the happiness with people who need it." said Tseng, "I also hope to show love and power to help those people in need, and moreover create positive energy for golf in greater Chinese communities. Certainly, I also hope to be together with leukemia and scoliosis patients and to face all the challenges with smile.

The officials of Qlove say, "It's a pleasure that Tseng can become the “Loving Heart Ambassador.” Tseng is first golfer of Chinese heritage to win a major championship and also, the first golfer of Chinese heritage to be ranked world No.1 in women’s golf history. We truly believe her joining can make 'Qlove' get more attention and encourage more golfers to offer love to those who in need.”

Qlove foundation believes that Tseng’s unremitting pursuit to golf coincide well with the ideas of Qlove Charity. "In addition to superb golf skill, her positive, bright and infectious smile also impresses many golfers a lot. Her optimistic, hopeful character and the spirit of never give up is also the need of the foundation and all patients." Foundation official said, "Yani Tseng’s enthusiasm and sincerity makes us encouraged. The smiling golf queen is about to start a brand new season, we wish Yani can get more birdies, shoot more eagles, can also help our foundation as well as the people in need of help”.

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