Excerpts from Suzann Pettersen's 2016 Olympic Presentation

Padraig Harrington: And now, I'd like to introduce a fellow athlete, World Number Two, Suzann Pettersen, from Norway.  Suzann.

Suzann Pettersen: Thank you Padraig.

As you know, Norwegians have a passion and love of sports, and we are proud to have hosted two Olympic Winter Games.  What you may wonder is: How does someone who grew up in Norway become the number two ranked golfer in the world?   

I am a good example of a person who lives in a country that is not known for golf, but who was able to follow a dream to the top of my sport.  I was inspired by the world's greatest golfers, and thanks to the availability of youth programmes and facilities in my country, I was able to learn the game, develop it to my highest potential as a teenager, and eventually compete at the global level.

Just ten years ago, Korea was not known as a country that produced elite level golfers.  Today, I compete regularly against 47 Korean women on the LPGA Tour.  This demonstrates that any country, large or small, can produce elite athletes in our sport.  If golf is fortunate enough to be accepted as an Olympic sport, I am sure that these stories could be repeated in any country in the world.  If golf is in the Games, it will inspire millions of young people, just like our next speaker. 

I would now like to introduce, from Italy, Matteo Manassero, who, at 16 years of age, became the youngest winner ever of the British Amateur Golf Championship this past summer.

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