Paula Creamer leads in Greens in Regulation

Paula Creamer's thoughts on leading the LPGA Tour in Greens in Regulation.
“I don't think I have hit as many greens as I should, even though I am leading the Tour in that category. I know my ability to work the ball both ways has helped me improve my greens in regulation percentage. When you can bring the ball into a tucked pin on one of the sides by bringing the ball across the big part of the green, it is much easier to swing aggressively, therefore more confidently. Shaping the shot is the key."


Player Name
Total Rounds

1 Paula Creamer 52 700 .748
2 Cristie Kerr 69 917 .738
3 Wendy Ward 54 712 .733
4 Maria Hjorth 46 604 .729
5 In-Kyung Kim 65 851 .727
6 Brittany Lang 67 872 .723
7 Karrie Webb 52 676 .722
8 Angela Stanford 63 815 .719
9 Ai Miyazato 61 789 .719
10 Sun Young Yoo 65 841 .719
(As of 10/6/09)

To help you hit more Greens in Regulation, LPGA T&CP member Lisa DePaulohas provided this tip.

I think the best way to hit more greens in regulation begins with choosing the right club. There are two components involved in how far someone hits a club.

1. The distance the ball is carried in the air, and
2. The distance the ball travels after it hits the ground.

Here are some steps you can take to determine your distances.

- The next time you know the yardage to the pin and hit a good shot to the green, count your paces from your pitch mark to the pin and subtract or add to find out your true carry.
- Then, count your paces from your pitch mark to the ball and add to find out your total distance for that club. (Note that if you are on real soft greens you might notice your ball always lands within a couple yards of your pitch mark whereas on hard greens your ball may roll 10 yards or more after hitting the ground.)

Pay attention to how far your shots land from the target and see if you have a pattern of always being short or long.

Knowing your numbers will help you choose the right club and speed up play.

Knowledge is power.

Lisa DePaulo LPGA
LPGA Tour 2000 & 2004
Tournament Treasures
Austin, Texas

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