Lunke honored with William and Mousie Powell Award

Former Player Executive Committee president Hilary Lunke received the William and Mousie Powell Award on Monday. After becoming a Rolex First-Time Winner one year after joining the LPGA Tour (2003 U.S. Women's Open), Lunke has taken her Tour membership to an administrative level. She was elected to the Player Executive Committee for the 2006-08 seasons, then selected as vice president in 2007 and president in 2008. Amid maintaining her Tour card and becoming a mother in 2007, Lunke also led the Tour during one of its main periods of growth. While not always easy, Lunke worked hard to always be available to players anytime they had any concerns and maintain open lines of communication between the player directors, membership and LPGA Board of Directors.

The late Mousie Powell was a close supporter and friend of the LPGA from the 1950s until her death on Jan. 18, 1997. She was married to William Powell, a Hollywood legend and one of its leading male actors. Mousie, who was also featured in movies during that time, started the William and Mousie Powell Award in 1986. The award is given annually to an LPGA member who, in the opinion of her playing peers, by her behavior and deeds, best exemplifies the spirits, ideals and values of the LPGA.

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