Quotes from LPGA players about Golf in 2016 Olympic Games

Quotes from LPGA players about Golf Making the Cut as IOC Executive Board Recommends Two Sports for Inclusion in 2016 Olympic Games

Cristie Kerr

“The skill, endurance and physical aptitude that golf requires is often overlooked, which is why I’m thrilled that the International Olympic Committee has recognized the sport as a contender for the 2016 Olympic program.  I am optimistic that the October decision will bring positive news thereby providing golf with an international spotlight and encouraging the recognition it deserves.”

Michelle Wie

“Everybody I have talked to is quite excited about the idea of golf being incorporated into the Olympics, and today is a good step towards that.  It would just be a thrill to represent our country and to be a part of the Olympic experience, which I think is one of the highest pinnacles in sport.  Golf is such an international game – we see it on the LPGA every week with star players from all over the world – so I think it would be a natural fit for the Olympics and would be great for the game.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed for more good news in October.”

Ai Miyazato

“I really hope that golf becomes one of the sports in the Olympics because it is such an international sport, and is very popular among many people around the world.  This would be incredibly important to my country, as it is one of the candidates to host the Olympics in the near future.  Japanese people love golf and no matter where it is going to be held, it will be followed greatly.  Personally, I’ve had many chances to represent my country as a junior golfer, but doing so in the Olympics would definitely be one of the highlights of my career.  It would be a huge deal for the LPGA because it is a major international tour with players from all over the world.  Not only would the players represent their countries in the Olympics, but they would represent the LPGA and show its diversity.” 

Suzann Pettersen

“It would be great if golf is approved, especially in markets where golf is small or non-existent.  For me, it is a dream to represent Norway in the Olympics, and I am sure it will benefit the game of golf in general, as well as in Norway.  Golf is about respect, partnership and sportsmanship – true Olympic values that will fit with what the LPGA and the game stand for.”

Karrie Webb

“The prospect of golf being an Olympic sport is very exciting. Australia is extremely passionate about Olympic sports and the games are held in the highest regard.  It would be an honor to play for my country. For Australia and even other countries that are emerging in golf, the distinction as an Olympic sport will provide greater opportunity for government and even corporate funding.  I think the distinction will represent long term growth and opportunity for golf worldwide.”

“In terms of the benefit to the LPGA, I think most people will be impressed by the depth of international talent that is represented on our tour. We are an international tour and the prospect of this announcement will only continue to showcase all that we have to offer at the highest level in sport.”

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