Spencer-Devlin creates KIA CLASSIC Presented by J Golf Trophy

Three-time LPGA tour winner, Muffin Spencer-Devlin, had the honor of creating the trophy for this week’s KIA Classic Presented by J Golf. Spencer-Devlin, who retired to Laguna Beach, California in 2000, discovered her passion for glass blowing in 2004. She started by endeavoring to make 160 glass paperweights as gifts for her wedding and the project turned into a new career.

“When I won my first tournament, it was a satellite event. There was no trophy and I remember being bummed. So, I went to the Steuben catalogue and picked something out for myself and had it made. I imagine that experience planted a seed, way in the back of my brain, that burst into a flower today when I delivered the KIA Trophies.” Spencer-Devlin created the trophy at the Studio Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach. Her work can be seen at www.muffinspencerdevlin.com.


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