Creamer's inspiration and plans to celebrate Major win

Before winning the 2010 U.S. Women's Open, Paula Creamer had a total of eight wins on the LPGA Tour but no major championship victories. The question "when will you win a major?" was always posed to her as each major came and went. There were a couple of close calls through the years, a tie for third at the 2005 McDonald's LPGA Championship and a tie for third at the 2009 RICOH Women's British Open, but four rounds weren't ever enough to claim a win.

Winning a major was the next goal for Creamer. At the start of the 2010 season when she was forced to withdraw from the Honda PTT LPGA Thailand with a thumb injury, Creamer didn't know if she would be able to play golf again, yet alone win a major championship. But she perserved through her injury and surgery just like she persevered through Oakmont to capture her illustrious first major championship. Creamer not only battled the course but the fatigue in her thumb. She was forced to play within herself and remain patient. The fighter in Creamer was on full display at Oakmont Country Club.

Before the event began, Creamer called upon Arnold Palmer for his wisdom. Creamer asked him, "What do I need to do?. What do I need to do to go around here?" Palmer responded, "Not three-putt, and keep your head down the whole time."

And Creamer listened. "I know I had some three-putts out there, but I really -- I didn't pay attention to other people as much," said Creamer. "I really tried to keep my head down as long as I could. Looking up, you can start to see a lot of crazy things. You know, there's a lot going on out there. I tried to make it as simple as I could."

Once the trophy was in hand and the pressure to capture the win off her back, Creamer revealed the two ways she plans to celebrate the win. "There's always been something that I've wanted to get," said Creamer. "It's a purse. It's a Birkin bag. It's like a really crazy bag. The waiting list is like years."

The second is a little more extreme than purchasing a purse. "Actually, skydiving was something, too," said Creamer. "If I won my first major we were gonna go skydiving. I think it was gonna be dad, Jay, my manager, and I think David, my coach. Colin's afraid of heights, so I'd have to win like a Grand Slam or something for him to get up there. We all have it written down in David's office. Ooh, that's exciting."

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