The LPGA Foundation: 60 Fore 60 Campaign

Dear LPGA Fans,

Sixty years ago, 13 courageous and talented women started a movement – the LPGA. It was founded and has prospered due to the spunk, grit, personal sacrifice and the esprit de corps many generations of LPGA players and teachers. Over the last six decades, these women have educated, empowered, inspired and entertained millions throughout the world.

Over the years, the LPGA has grown and prospered. Each generation of members has benefited from the hard work, dedication and sacrifices of those players and teachers that came before them. While the purses have increased, the quality of courses have improved, the equipment has advanced and the fan base has grown, for a very long time and continuing today, many of our members (past and current) make modest incomes and often do not have the benefit of insurance.

Fortunately, through the wisdom and vision of those before us, the LPGA Foundation and the Financial Assistance Fund were created to assist those in the golf industry who need a helping hand during a difficult period in their lives. In 2007, through her remarkable generosity, Dolores Hope donated $1 million to ensure the sustainability of the fund.

In recognition of the LPGA’s 60th anniversary in 2010, we would like to appeal to your generosity and ask you to make a donation of $60.00 — representing $1.00 for each year the women of the LPGA have educated, empowered, entertained and inspired you through their talent, hard work and personal contribution to a game that we love.

Please consider donating $60.00; $600.00; $6,000 or even $6.00—whatever you are able to contribute to the “60 Fore 60” campaign will make a difference to those less fortunate and yet have given us so much. Please go today to, or mail a check to the LPGA Foundation / Financial Assistance Fund, 100 International Golf Drive, Daytona Beach, Florida 32124.

Very best regards,
Carol Corcoran

President LPGA Foundation

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