CN Canadian Women's Open raises $800,000 for charity

CN Canadian Women’s Open raises $800,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

WINNIPEG, August 29, 2009 — CN announced today that the CN Canadian Women's Open raised $800,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba through the CN Miracle Match program, in which CN matches dollar for dollar donations during the tournament. The announcement was made at a special presentation at the St. Charles Country Club, host of the 2010 CN Canadian Women's Open.

“CN is delighted with these results and the support shown by Manitobans for the CN Miracle Match,” said Claude Mongeau, CN president and chief executive officer. “The City of Winnipeg has been a truly excellent host for the 2010 CN Canadian Women’s Open, and its citizens should be proud of both their hospitality and their generosity.”

“At CN, we are deeply committed to the strength of our communities by ensuring the health and safety of our youth. In the last five years, the CN Miracle Match has raised over $4.3 million for children's hospitals in Canada,” continued Mr. Mongeau. “Working together with the host communities, we are generating lasting benefits to these vital institutions. We look forward to continuing this community investment tradition next year when the CN Canadian Women's Open will be held at the Hillsdale Golf and Country Club in Mirabel, Quebec.”

“We are so grateful to CN for their corporate leadership through the CN Miracle Match Program,” said Lesia Sianchuk, Executive Director of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “CN has motivated so many donors to participate in the CN Miracle Match Program and the legacy that you are leaving in Manitoba will truly make an impact on child health care and pediatric research."

CN Miracle Match is a national charitable initiative designed to rally communities across Canada behind a very worthy cause – supporting children's hospitals. CN pledges to help maximize local fundraising through the CN Miracle Match program where together we can help Canada's leading healthcare facilities treat children who need medical attention. Each year since 2006, CN has raised funds to support a children's hospital by matching funds raised through various initiatives that are connected with the CN Canadian Women's Open. For more information please visit

The mission of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is to be an independent agency to raise and distribute funds for the advancement of knowledge and care in the fields of child health and child health research, thereby contributing to the improved health of children everywhere. For more information please visit:

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