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Wendy Ward loves being back home on the ranch

LPGA Pro Wendy Ward Finds Greener Pastures in Edwall
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EDWALL - It's a little more than twelve miles from anywhere.

"I tell them it's a little tiny dot on the map."

In Edwall, the cows outnumber the people, which makes this tiny town west of Spokane the most unlikely of places to find one of the world's top female golfers.

"It's basically my safe haven," said LPGA professional Wendy Ward. "It's my vacation. When I go home, I go on vacation."

Because her day job is on the LPGA Tour. Ward grew up in Texas and has spent the past 16 years firing down fairways around the globe. It's led to four career wins and nearly five million dollars in winnings on the tour.

"She's done a lot," said Ward's husband, Nate Hair. "I think she wants to do even more, which is great. She inspires herself."


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