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Do you know who has the longest drive on the LPGA tour this year? Is it Vicky Hurst with her awesome, awe-inspiring fairway hugging, take no prisoners drive?

Actually, the longest drive to get to this year's tournament, say, in Springfield Illinois, would be Shanshan Feng from China. If she drove to Springfield from Guangzhou, China it would be over 14,000 miles. Now that is a drive!

The Language Training Center (LTC) has partnered with the LPGA to ensure that when a fan, sponsor, or reporter asks these players about their drives, they are able to clearly articulate what just happened on the course.

Vicky Hurst, LPGA As you know, many of these outstanding athletes hail from the corners of the earth to put on the greatest show on the green - week in and week out. They are exciting to watch and interesting to talk with-in any language.

LTC is helping make that possible by providing Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, and Chinese language classes to players at tournaments and during the off weeks.

In addition to this tremendous new linguistic skill the players are acquiring, they are also working hard to understand how to relate in other countries. Through LTC's cross cultural program the girls get a chance to interact with trainers who help them gain confidence in how to put their best foot forward when playing in a Pro-Am in China or entertaining a sponsor in Korea or Japan.

LTC takes the same customized approach to those in business, education, medical, and many other fields as they handle international needs.

LTC staff goes onsite to every tournament in the U.S. as well as Canada, China, and this year, Korea. So, stop by and ask one of LTC's staff members to help you connect with your favorite golfer! Or check us out at


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