Final Notes and Interviews

The Solheim Cup

Killeen Castle
County Meath, Ireland
Sept. 25, 2011
Final-round notes and interviews

Europe regained control of The Solheim Cup for the first time since 2003 with 15-13 victory over USA at Killeen Castle in Ireland. While the focus early in the day surrounded Cristie Kerr conceding her match to Karen Stupples due to a wrist injury, it quickly shifted the weather and then to the most electrifying final 30 minutes in the history of The Solheim Cup. Norway’s Suzann Pettersen stole the spotlight with three-consecutive birdies to close out Michelle Wie with a 1 up victory that swung the momentum to Team Europe. Solheim Cup rookie Caroline Hedwall, a member of both the LPGA and LET, then battled back from two down on the 16th hole against fellow rookie Ryann O’Toole to squeeze out a half point, setting up Azahara Munoz, who was walking to the 18th tee with a 1 up lead over Angela Stanford, to clinch the 15th and final point for Team Europe.

Two separate delays – first for unplayable course conditions and then for lightning – prolonged the day, but in the end, the finale was worth the wait. Though the U.S. Team seemed to have control of singles play early in the day, needing just six points to retain the Cup, it was Scotland’s Catriona Matthew who made an opening statement and offered a sign of things to come with a 6&5 victory over Paula Creamer, who was previously undefeated in singles play. Sophie Gustafson then proceeded to earn yet another point for the Europeans as she won the 18th hole to secure a 2 up victory over Kraft Nabiso Champion Stacy Lewis. It was all red, white and blue in the next few matches beginning with Brittany Lang’s 6&5 victory over Sandra Gal. Morgan Pressel earned another point for the U.S. with a 2&1 victory over Anna Nordqvist to close out this year’s Solheim Cup undefeated and improve her overall record to 7-2-2. All eyes were then focused on the match of Solheim Cup veterans and golf legends Laura Davies and Juli Inkster. LPGA and World Golf Halls of Fame member Inkster went into the 18th hole one down to Davies, but the match ended with a duel from the greenside bunker after Inkster got up-and-down for a half point. It was then Christina Kim’s turn to earn another point for the U.S. Team with a 4&2 victory over Maria Hjorth. Solheim Cup rookie Vicky Hurst, who who played in just one match prior to singles, managed her first point with a 2 up victory over Melissa Reid. Just when everything seemed to be going in the American’s favor, the momentum suddenly turned in favor of the Europeans beginning with Solheim Cup rookie Christel Boeljon’s 2 up victory over LPGA Tour winner Brittany Lincicome. Pettersen, twice a winner on the LPGA this year, and Wie then provided some drama on the final three holes, halving the 17th with birdies before Pettersen rolled in a birdie at 18 to win 1 up. The 2011 Solheim Cup ultimately came down to a duel between rookies Hedwall and O’Toole, with Hedwall prevailing victorious after knocking her 18th hole approach to five feet to win a half point. With a 1 up lead heading to 18, Azahara Munoz could do no worse than a half point versus Angela Stanford, meaning The Solheim Cup returned to European hands for just the fourth time in 12 playings.

Olay Olay…The U.S. Team went into Sunday’s singles play with a 69-42-13 advantage over Europe in singles play dating back to the inaugural Solheim Cup in 1990. The Europeans were determined to change tradition this year and that is exactly what they did. The Europeans went into Sunday’s singles play with the odds against them but the home team prevailed in singles play with a 7-5 victory to win back The Solheim Cup. This was the first time the Europeans have won the Solheim Cup since 2003 at Barsebäck Golf and Country Club in Malmo, Sweden. Since the Solheim Cup’s inaugural event in 1990, the U.S. Team has won eight times while Europe has now won four.

U.S. Team MVP... Playing in her third Solheim Cup, it was Morgan Pressel’s time to shine for the U.S. Team. Pressel kicked off this year’s Solheim Cup teamed with longtime friend Paula Creamer. The duo took command of their match early against Laura Davies and Melissa Reid and never looked back to record a 1 up victory. On day two, Pressel was sent out early with Solheim Cup rookie Ryann O’Toole during the morning Foursomes. The duo’s strides were in sink throughout their rounds as they handed Karen Stupples and Christel Boeljon a 3&2 defeat. Pressel kept the momentum going during Saturday afternoon’s four-ball pairing with Cristie Kerr to take down Suzann Pettersen and Caroline Hedwall with a 1 up victory. This week, Pressel served as the only American to go undefeated with a record of 4-0-0 to earn a total of four points for the U.S. Team. The two-time LPGA Tour winner now holds an overall Solheim Cup record of 7-2-2. Sophie Gustafson also went undefeated as the European ended this week’s Solheim Cup with a matching 4-0-0 record.

Inkster calls it quits… again. Assistant Captain Juli Inkster said she will not return as a U.S. Solheim Cup player. “The answer to that question is no. You know what? I have thoroughly enjoyed every Solheim, and every Solheim has been different.  I love these kids that are on this team.” Inkster famously said she was “hanging it up” as a player following the 2009 Solheim Cup, but after qualifying ninth on the U.S. Team points list, she opted to become the first playing assistant captain in tournament history.

Of note… Laura Davies is the all-time leader in Solheim Cup points history with 25 points following a 1 ½ point effort in 2011… Paula Creamer lost the first Solheim Cup singles of her career on Sunday to Catriona Matthew. She is now 3-1 all-time…. Alison Nicholas is now 1-1 as Captain of the European Solheim Cup Team… Morgan Pressel and Sophie Gustafson led the scoring at the 2011 Solheim Cup with four points a piece…


U.S. Team
Rosie Jones, Team Captain
Morgan Pressel, Juli Inkster

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome U.S. Team captain, Rosie Jones, playing assistant captain, Juli Inkster, and top U.S. Team point scorer, Morgan Pressel, to the interview room. Rosie, just some general thoughts on the week.
ROSIE JONES: This was really a great week. I couldn't ask for a better team, better experience, a better golf course. Just a lot of fun.
I think our gals played their hearts out. We couldn't ask any more of them. Europe just played better than us in that last 35 minutes. I mean, they played good all week, but they just played better and just took it away, just stripped it. Just took it away in the last 35 minutes of the Solheim Cup.

THE MODERATOR: Juli, some thoughts from you as the first ever playing assistant and how you were able to juggle your role.
JULI INKSTER: Rosie's going to say not well (laughing). It's hard because you're a player, and in some ways I kind of felt like I let Rosie down because I can't be two places at once. I never really expected to make this team, and I ended up making it.
I just felt like in the honor of the Solheim Cup that it would be not right to not play and my teammates. So it was a tough decision. I don't think I really helped that much on the golf course, and sometimes I didn't feel like I helped that much off the golf course. But it is what it is, and I tried to do my best.
Rosie did a phenomenal job as captain. She captained just like she played, with a lot of passion, and a lot of heart. Sometimes you just come up a little short. Like she said, the last 35 minutes, they took it away. So you've got to hand it to them. They played well coming down the stretch.

THE MODERATOR: Morgan, finally to you. On a very long golf course, you were able to be quite successful. Four points for the U.S. Team. Just talk about the week from the players' perspective?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I mean, it was obviously a very disappointing finish, but I do feel like I played well. But Rosie put me out there four times, and I took care of each one of those points, and that was my job.
Everybody had a job this week to go out and get as many points as they could, and I'm definitely very happy with the way I played on this course. I love the tournament. I love the passion and playing for my country, and you know, I ‑‑ I'm done.
ROSIE JONES: Nobody has more heart and wants it more than Morgan. I think just to jump in there, she was ‑‑ she was upset when I didn't play her that first match in foursomes, and we had some long discussions with my assistants on that.
I know that hurt Morgan, but to watch her come back and make those four points after that ‑‑ because we have every intention to get her on that golf course as much as we could. We just didn't think that first day was the right place for her, and it worked out perfectly for her and worked out great for us. She played some great golf.

Q. Just on the Cristie Kerr situation. How much of a blow was that to your team? Are you second guessing yourself a little bit about perhaps not resting her yesterday? I believe you said something about that earlier?
ROSIE JONES: Not second guessing myself. Cristie and I were in cahoots the entire time, the entire tournament, basically, about her wrist. She let me know about it, and we were doing everything we could to make sure that she was in tip top shape to play. When it came down to playing, she was ready. She felt good. She played well, and she wanted to go again.
I checked with her every single match to make sure. Right before, that was my last thing I did right before I submitted my pairings was to check on Cristie, because she was playing in some of the last matches, to make sure she was ready to go. She felt good. She played well.
Unfortunately, overnight the inflammation was too much and we lost the opportunity for her to play today. You know, you never know when that's going to happen. I've been injured a lot in the last ten years in my career and sometimes you wake up and you just have a new little kink. Her little kink got worse overnight, and that's basically what happened.

Q. The quality of play, especially today, was really awesome, and matches were won and not lost, and there were a lot of birdies out there. Can you talk a little bit about what that says in the state of the women's game right now, and the state of this event?
ROSIE JONES: Well, like you said, they were won and not lost. There was some great golf. Pettersen finishing three birdies to take that match. So many matches like Hedwall just playing, just keep playing, just picking at it coming down to the very end. It's very difficult to watch that happen.
At the same time, I applaud both teams for the great play they did, not only just today in all this crummy weather and the delays that we had, the long golf course, the tough greens, to see all those great shots coming into those greens and under the extreme pressure that this tournament gives you, it was awesome to watch. It's like a great tribute to women's golf, like you said.
These gals always step it up. They always amplify their game when it comes to the Solheim Cup, and that's how much they love this event and they want to play for their country.

Q. Rosie, I saw you go over and talk to Ryann right after the match. Can you just share a little bit about what you said to encourage her? And second question, is it harder to lose as a captain like this than coming up short as a player individually?
ROSIE JONES: What was the second part? It's always harder to lose.
JULI INKSTER: As a captain or a player.
ROSIE JONES: Oh, you know what? Let's go to the first part. Ryann ‑‑ I saw in Ryann who she was this week, and I knew that she could be that player. It was really fun to watch that come out here and to be a part of our team, this team, her team. It was unbelievable.
You want every young player to have that, are and I applaud Vicky Hurst too. She came out after I sat her down yesterday. That's a hard thing to do, sit down all day long. Then she came out and won her match.
I am so proud of those picks because they had a lot of pressure on them to come in as rookies and to give to this team, and that's what they did.
Second part of your question is I think it's really hard to lose no matter what. You know, as a player you're going to come back and have a chance at it again. And you know what, I don't think I'm going to have that. There are too many great captains behind me.
It was just a proud, proud way to end my career with the LPGA and representing this team. I know that those captains and those players behind me are going to bring this cup back in 2013. 13 happens to be my favorite number, and that's how many points we had today, and I just can't believe it. I was born on Friday the 13th, and I have 13 wins, and now we've got 13 points.
But, it is, it's not fun to lose any way. But I'm proud. I'm still proud of the job I did, the job this team did, and I'm proud to be associated with this tournament.

Q. So, Juli, I have to ask. We're going to see you on this team again in two more years?
ROSIE JONES: She's got points.
MORGAN PRESSEL: I will say it was one of the greatest moments watching Juli finish her match today with that unbelievable bunker shot. Afterwards she walked over to us and said, "I am never playing again ."
MORGAN PRESSEL: That's what she said last year.
JULI INKSTER: No, last time it was no, I'm not playing. This time ever.

Q. I think I first wrote that in '03.
MORGAN PRESSEL: I can't wait to play for her.
ROSIE JONES: Maybe I'll be playing in 2013 (laughing).
JULI INKSTER: There you go. There you go. Bring it on. It's your lucky number. A captain's pick.
ROSIE JONES: You can hit it a long way in Denver.
JULI INKSTER: But no, no, the answer to that question is no. You know what? I have thoroughly enjoyed every Solheim, and every Solheim has been different. I love these kids that are on this team. I mean, they're classics. They're a lot of fun. They make sure that I'm straight and narrow and I make sure they're straight and narrow.
You know, it's just time for the younger players to start playing. Just looking at Ryann O'Toole and Vicky Hurst, and you know, Morgan. Morgan played with Ryann.
ROSIE JONES: She used to be the young player.
JULI INKSTER: Did you play best ball or alternate shot?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Alternate shot.
JULI INKSTER: I said to Morgan, you're 23 and you've got a lead out there. I'm like what am I saying? 23. But it's great to see the young American golfers coming up and playing so well. It's fun.


Rosie Jones

ROSIE JONES: It's so emotional to watch these girls. They fought so hard and really came together in the last couple of days to do so well, and it's just really hard.

Q. Ryann O'Toole was visibly shaken there at the end. She came over to you. What did you say to her to try to help ease the pain?
ROSIE JONES: You know what, she played awesome. She's undefeated in her first Solheim Cup. That is just unbelievable. She feels, you know, she feels bad because she was 2 up coming in.
But I tell you what, she got three points this week, and I don't know if anybody else did that. So that's pretty awesome.

Q. What would you like to say to Alison Nicholas and her team who so fervently wanted to win to avoid losing four of these in a row?
ROSIE JONES: Well, congratulations. They were really hungry for this, and you could see it on those last five holes. It was really amazing.

Q. Is there anything that you could have or would have done differently that might have brought you a different outcome?
ROSIE JONES: Well, I think I might have made some changes yesterday and given Cristie Kerr a break. Maybe changed a couple of pairings in my yesterday morning matches. But for the most part, it's like I said, in golf you can't really go backwards, and you've got to commit to your decisions and adjust later.
Unfortunately, Cristie couldn't play today, and she felt really bad about that. But we had 12 really strong girls, and they all played their heart out for each other. We just didn't have enough.


Paula Creamer

Q. Disappointing day for you?
PAULA CREAMER: I don't know. It was just not a good day for me. That's golf. That's sports in general. You look at your athlete, it's your body out there, and I just didn't feel comfortable.
I had a pretty good warm‑up, but just when I got out here I just didn't feel real solid.
Didn't help that Beanie played great, and you have to go out there and being first off you're in the role to be a leader, but it didn't go this way today, but in the past it has.

Q. Was it made more difficult by the fact that she never seemed to open the door for you at all?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes and no. I probably was pressing a little bit too hard. The birdie that she made on two from pretty far away kind of set the tone a bit. Then I missed a pretty good birdie opportunity on the next hole.
But like I said, that's golf, and we're a team. It's one match. I've played really with him this whole Solheim Cup. It's unfortunate this is singles day, but I was in some winning matches these last couple of days, and that's all I can really do. It's just not my day.

Q. Looking at the boards, what are you going to do to support them?
PAULA CREAMER: I'm going to be the best cheerleader I can be. I've had a lot of the girls come out and follow me in the last several matches that I've played. I'm going to do the same thing and cheer them on.
That's why we're a team. That's why there are 12 girls out here. One person isn't going to make the team. It was an unfortunate day, but I think we're going to finish strong.


Brittany Lang

Q. How does it feel to be the first person to get the American's a point?
BRITTANY LANG: It feels good. I felt like I let my team down because I didn't play the past few days. So I was determined to get a point and I was very happy.

Q. It's incredibly close. Are you aware of how tight this match is going to be?
BRITTANY LANG: I've kept an eye on it. It's going to come down to the wire. If USA is going to win, we need one of those 1‑up matches to go the other way. It's going to be close. They're playing well.

Q. Was it difficult with the rain when play was suspended?
BRITTANY LANG: It was extremely difficult early on. We were hitting 3‑woods into the par‑4s and 4‑irons. Right now the conditions are perfect. Not bad at all. It was really difficult to even make pars early on.

Q. Are you happy to have won this match?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm extremely happy. Like I said, I didn't play that well Friday and Saturday, so I'm happy to get a point for my team, and I still feel like I let them down a bit, but this helps a lot.

Q. Were you aware of Cristie's problem with her wrist?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I heard about it. It's really been bothering her.
She played great the last two days, so she shouldn't worry about it a bit. But, yeah, I did hear about it, and it's too bad she couldn't play.

Q. It's very tight between the USA and Europe. What are you going to do to follow the team?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm going to go follow my girls and cheer them on and pray. With a little bit of luck, hopefully we'll pull it out.


Morgan Pressel

Q. You were down right out of the box. What turned you around?
MORGAN PRESSEL: I kind of gave away the first hole. I should have won that hole, and then Anna made two great birdies on 2 and 3. I knew that I was playing well. It wasn't that I was necessarily playing poorly. I was just 2 down.
I mean, I was 1 down with two to play the other day and still won that match, and I've seen a lot happen out here, and I knew that I could just stay patient and play well. I've been playing well all week, and I really, really played solid in the middle of the match.
Anna made a couple of mistakes that I took advantage of, and I hit a couple good shots where I got rewarded with winning holes.

Q. Cristie Kerr joined you at number 10, and I know you're close friends. Did that give you a little extra motivation to play for the two of you?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Absolutely. I told Cristie when I went in and gave her a big hug after the delay, that I was going to win this match for her.
When she told me on 7 that she wasn't going to be able to play, that was the only thing I could think of was I absolutely have to win this match. If not only for the team and for my country, but for Cristie as well, because I know that more than anything she wanted to play today.

Q. Did the break do you some good? I mean, you obviously came back strong. What went on in the team room?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I won the first hole. I went back to 1 down right before the break, and I knew ‑‑ I said, I'm starting my comeback. That's what I told the girls in the team room. I said you girls need to do the same.
We had a little bit of a rally chat, and how maybe this break could be really good for. Us, and I think that the girls are playing well this afternoon, and we need to swing a couple of All Square matches back our way, but we can do it.


Michelle Wie

Q. So great effort by the U.S. You've been part of a winning team in '09. Just sum up your emotions on this week and not being able to pull it out as a team?
MICHELLE WIE: We've played hard. We fought hard. I mean, like I said even from the beginning of the week, they're a strong team and they played well. But you know what, losing sucks, and we need to keep this feeling for 2013.
Q. Can you just talk about your match today? You and Suzann are buddies, but for her to birdie the last few holes, I mean, just talk about that.
MICHELLE WIE: I mean, she's a great player. She's one of the strongest players, and it was a tough match today.
I think it was going back and forth, back and forth all day. For her to birdie the last three holes was pretty amazing. I felt like I matched her back on 17, but just once your opponent does that, it's hard to come back.
At the same time, I really look up to her. She's a great match play player. I saw her at Sybase, and I think no one wanted it more than her. So half of me is happy for her, And half of me, losing sucks.


Europe Team
Alison Nicholas Captain
Joanne Morley, Assistant Captain
Melissa Reid, Suzann Pettersen, Caroline Hedwall, Azahara Munoz, Maria Hjorth, Sophie Gustafson, Karen Stupples, Laura Davies, Anna Nordqvist, Catriona Matthew, Christel Boeljon, Sandra Gal


THE MODERATOR: Please welcome the winning Solheim Cup captain, Alison Nicholas, and her assistant captain, Joanne Morley. Catriona Matthew will join us shortly along with the other European team members.
Alison, congratulations. Perhaps you could just start by saying how sweet it feels to have this cup back again?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Well, it's unbelievable. I have no words to describe it. I mean, the team were phenomenal today. Their passion, they never gave up, and it was so close. Gosh, my emotions were up‑and‑down all day. It was an amazing display of golf. The drama and atmosphere here was just incredible.

Q. With about half hour, 40 minutes to go, it didn't look like there was much hope, and then things just kicked in and it all kicked in with really great play.
ALISON NICHOLAS: Oh, it was amazing. I need some water. I'm a bit dry, as you might understand.
Anyway, yeah. It did look like that. I've lost the question. It's completely gone out of my mind. Yeah, they did, and they turned it around. I mean, Tutu's finish was unbelievable. 16, 17, 18, class.
The rest of them just hung in there. They all played well. They had passion. I believed in them, and they believed in themselves and they were just sensational. I hand this cup to them, totally.

Q. Could you tell us about the Seve poster that you had?
ALISON NICHOLAS: It was in the locker room on the wall. You know Seve's an inspiration to all of us. What he did for the game and his passion and his charisma and everyone ‑‑ it just gives you a lift to see him and that passion. You want to be ‑‑ I don't know. It just brought it all together, and he's just sensational.
He also gave me ‑‑ he did a message from his house last year to the team in Chicago, and we played that again. I grew up just watching Seve and was inspired by him and so were most of the team. Some of them are a bit younger than that, but...
Amazing. I just can't give enough credit to my two vice captains and this team. Awesome.

Q. Could I ask you about putting Catriona up first, and what she brought to the team in giving you such a great lead?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Well, she only won 6 and 5. What a great leader. She's a great player. She finished before the rain started.
PLAYERS: She didn't want to get her hair messed up.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Didn't want to get my hair messed up.
ALISON NICHOLAS: She's a great leader and a great player and an inspiration to us as a team.

Q. What's it mean for women's golf and European golf to win this cup back?
ALISON NICHOLAS: A huge amount. We haven't won it for a long time. And hopefully the European Tour will grow and grow, and it just says what a great bunch of quality players that we have in Europe.

Q. Can you talk about the last couple holes in particularly everything that went through your head on the 18th green when you realized what was going on? How much did you know what was going on?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, I didn't know anything when I hit my second shot. I just wanted to try to get my half point. Then when I got up on the green, I saw that Aza went 1 up in her match. I realized if I make the putt, that's going to give us the win. But I put pressure on her hitting a good second shot, and it was just amazing.

Q. Suzann, can I ask you two questions. Number one, 16, 17, 18, where did they come from? You had three birdies in a row.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I don't know. I found them on eBay this morning. I don't know. This is all about the team. You don't give up until the very end. So like some of you said, with an hour and something left, it looked like we were coming short, but who cares. It's not done before all the points are handed out.
I think we went back out on the cart, Aza, Hedwall and myself, decided let's at least get the three points that are sitting on this cart, and we did. So that's fantastic work from all of us fighting until the very end.

Q. Can I ask you about the Irish experience, and if you inspired somebody that was here today ten years from now is going to do what you guys did, what would that mean to you people?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: It would be great. What else can we say? This is the best feel ‑‑ I think this is even better than Barsebäck to win here and come back where the challenge was so big. And we proved them wrong. We can win singles.

Q. Alison, you've probably got the deepest European team you've ever had in this competition. How much did that affect the way that you were able to fuel players during the week and your strategy?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, because it's a long golf course, and we decided to rest some players before the singles because in the past we played players five times, and it seems to have hurt us in the singles matches. So I was going to stick to that whatever, and it paid off.

Q. Can I just ask you, you're still playing your match and everything all seems bedlam going on 18. What was it like to watch all of that going? We were in the middle of it, and you're down there still having to play?
AZAHARA MUNOZ: I know, I didn't want to finish.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: She said all week she wanted a pep talk. We thought that was a good enough pep talk.
AZAHARA MUNOZ: Right before I hit my driver, I saw Marty going like that, and I didn't know what it was. But I kind of knew maybe Caroline won 18 and we have that half point. Then when Angela hit her driver, they all went crazy, so I wanted to go and celebrate with them.

Q. Aza, what was the club and the yardage for the shot into 17?
ALISON NICHOLAS: She can't remember.
MEL REID: Doesn't matter, it went to 2 up, so who cares.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: It was a golf club.
AZAHARA MUNOZ: It was ‑‑ I don't remember. It was 123.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Did you hit a 5‑iron?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Is that a 5‑iron (laughing)?

Q. Alison, with the two disruptions, did that impact ‑‑ were you able to do like a half‑time team talk in a sort of football sense?
ALISON NICHOLAS: I think we had a few songs, yes, sung by a few players. But on the whole, these girls know how to deal with every situation that they have to face. We talked about that a lot all along, and that's what you do. They went back out and stuck to the task. They're phenomenal. The whole team, it was just a huge team effort.
I just can't ‑‑ I just thank them for everything this week. It was phenomenal.

Q. Catriona, when you saw that you were playing Paula Creamer unbeaten, what went through your mind out on the course, such a comprehensive victory?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: (Indiscernible) obviously, I saw I was playing Paula, and I knew it was going to be a tough game. Obviously, she's unbeaten.
I was going out there and trying to get up early on her, and trying not to give her any hope to get back into the game. She's the type of player, if you give her any chance, she's going to come right back in. So I just won the first few and kept on going from there.

Q. Laura, did you put some money on?
LAURA DAVIES: I didn't, but we were 2 to 1 at the start of the week. That's all I'll say.

Q. Laura, you've been a part of every Solheim Cup match. Can you just talk about how this one compares to all the rest in terms of quality of play at the end and atmosphere?
LAURA DAVIES: It's the first time we looked like we were dead and buried and we've come back and actually won it. The other ones have been won not easily, but this one really, I think, we had three matches left on the course, and we needed a result from all of them.
Normally the Americans are in that position, and they come back and do it. So this was the most exciting win by far. We've had four wins, but this one tops all the others.

Q. Suzann, 16, on the green on 16 when you watched the leaderboard and you had to putt, what did you think? It was a tough moment, you were 1 down, and you had to putt at that moment. After that it was like a dream. Could you please tell me what you think before you putt?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I had to make it. There was only one execution and it was to hole the putt to even have a chance to get my full point. I've seemed to have some luck on that green yesterday and today. Yesterday we ran short, today it was enough.
Just got to take every moment with you, because the moments you go through during the Solheim Cup is just phenomenal. I guess we'll all remember this for the rest of our lives. It's just fantastic.


Alison Nicholas

Q. Alison, try to sum that up for us. That was absolutely incredible to watch?
ALISON NICHOLAS: It was. I've been in agony all day, actually, to be fair. But I've been trying to maintain a perspective. The players have had such heart and passion and purpose. I hand it all to them. They've been unbelievable.

Q. Their reaction up there tells us everything we need to know, doesn't it?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, they were so up for it and they believed in themselves. They just fought to the end. The rookies have done fantastic. The experienced players have done really well as well. It's just been a real team effort.

Q. Suzann Pettersen finished birdie, birdie, birdie, from 1 down, 3 to play. She's a class act, isn't she not?
ALISON NICHOLAS: She is. She's a champion. That's what champions are made of. She's a special person. I just think she's a great player and a great person.
We've had our battles to try and get her to play 54 holes, but I can tell you what, she's the best.

Q. Your policy to rest everybody this time so you were stronger in the singles has paid off. How proud are you of that decision?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, we decided to keep with that strategy. It was very easy to think I'm not going to do that, but I had to stick to my guns. But Annika and Jo, my vice captains, have been incredible as well. They've helped me all the way.

Q. The work of Caroline Hedwall, that half point was absolutely crucial with 2 down and 2 to play.
ALISON NICHOLAS: I know. What a great rookie performance. She's a class act. She's going to be a star of the future. Watch out for her.

Q. Where does this rank in your list of achievements?
ALISON NICHOLAS: The best ever.

Q. What's in your heart right now?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Just the players, the players and my captain's and the LET. What they've done for me, they've come together as a group. They've got passion, they've got heart, they've got a purpose, and they've just got true grit.
I can thank each and every one of them. They're absolutely fantastic. I can't believe it. It's amazing.

Q. Laura Davies today, Juli Inkster, Suzann Pettersen?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, what great champions. I mean, amazing stuff to see them play. What tough conditions too. It was raining, it was blowing, and they just all stuck in there. And great American team too. Great performances from them. Don't forget that.

Q. At what point did you feel like we've got this?
ALISON NICHOLAS: About five minutes ago (laughing).

Q. And the shock of it.
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, I mean, it's just wonderful. Amazing, isn't it? They just hung in there. I've got no words.

Q. European golf stands to gain what from this?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Hopefully a lot. You know, the European Tour has been doing really well. Hopefully people invest in it a little bit more, and I just wish the players and everyone on my team to go forward, onwards and upwards in their golf and go and show the world what they can do.

Q. Can you summarize women's golf today and what this competition means to it?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Oh, it's just incredible, absolutely incredible. I mean, for some of the golf that we saw yesterday and today, tough conditions. Yesterday was lots of birdies. Today was about par golf. But then we had great performances with Pettersen coming in with three birdies.
It was fantastic to watch. It can do nothing more than elevate women's golf.

Q. Ali, are you surprised about Cristie Kerr?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yeah, I mean, it's devastating for both Karen and her, because Karen's not very experienced in the singles, you know? But I had no idea that Cristie was injured, so, obviously, I'm sorry for her.
It's just one of those things, isn't it? It's in the captain's agreement and we've signed it, so there's nothing I can do.

Q. Can you talk about the match‑up?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Well, Karen Stupples was on the range trying to hit some balls. (Indiscernible). So he came up and shook hands with Karen's caddie and then Karen Stupples. Then I heard on the radio that she's got five minutes.
But still an announcement was made on the tee and there was some confusion with the referee. So at the moment I'm not entirely sure. I think that it's a conceded match.

Q. Yeah, we're hearing it's a point for Europe, but you don't know for sure?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Well, I think there is a lot of procrastination going on, but I don't know whether the officials actually said it, or I'm not sure because I'm hearing different things on the radio. I think that's the case.

Q. You've got to feel for both girls. Karen Stupples really wanted to go out there and play and get the point for Europe.
ALISON NICHOLAS: Oh, absolutely. She's gutted. Obviously, I'm very sad for Cristie. I'm devastated for both of them. I'm really sorry about the situation, but you know it's in the captain's agreement so, it's unfortunate.


Karen Stupples

Q. Karen, is it a surprise to you when you got on the tee there what happened with Cristie?
KAREN STUPPLES: It really was. I had an inkling on the putting green that she might not be playing because her caddie came over and said I'm sorry, oh, blah, blah, blah.
But I'm gutted for her and I'm gutted for me because I think we would have had a fantastic game. I was ready to play, and if she hadn't been injured, I know she would have given it a good crack, too. But, yeah, gutted, really. But that's how it is.

Q. Clearly you were up for this match with Cristie Kerr at the very end here?
KAREN STUPPLES: I really was. I had a really great warm‑up, and really found a lot of good rhythm on the range this morning. Particularly given the conditions, I was prepared to go out and slog it around, and there was some really tough action out there. I knew Cristie Kerr was going to give it a hundred percent, so I really felt like I had to give it my A game. I felt like I had it.
But I feel really bad for her. No one want this is to happen to them and in Solheim Cup, that's for sure. But I would have liked to have played, and I know she would have too. I feel bad for her and for me really. For both of us, it's a shame.

Q. Yeah, it is very unfortunate circumstance, we appreciate the time, and I guess you can stay dry for the moment. But maybe not, you'll be out there supporting your team?
KAREN STUPPLES: I'm going to go out there and cheer the rest of the girls on, yeah.

Q. Did you have any inkling when you were on the range? Did you see Cristie was in any pain at all?
KAREN STUPPLES: No, I saw her down the other end of the range and I saw the coach. He was teeing up the tee balls for her, and she was going through the motions, but it looked like it was a bit of a struggle for her.
So I didn't get an inkling that she was ill or anything like that or anything was happening. I just thought it was tough conditions and I thought she was trying to get her head around it. That's all I assumed.


Catriona Matthew

Q. Catriona, talk about playing today. It must be sort of satisfying to get that point?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, fantastic. When I saw the draw and knew who I was up against, it was Paula I knew I'd have a tough game.
But just the whole day trying to take my chances and not let her get a sniff of a comeback or else she's very tough. I knew she'd be out there trying her hardest.

Q. Even by your standards, that was pretty special.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I played really well, yeah, most of the day. I was well in front after 7 holes, and since the rain really came on. It was pretty foul. Yeah, after the three‑putt on the first and the two‑putt, apart from that, I played pretty well.

Q. Five singles wins in a row. What was the secret?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I don't know. I just go out there and try to play my own game. I was just trying to make pars. It's difficult out here no matter what the weather conditions are. If I try to make pars, and I make a birdie, that's good.

Q. You're going out to support your teammates. How do you decide where to go?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I'll go down to see if Anna can get another point on the board


Sandra Gal

Q. Sandra, hard luck today, disappointing end of the week?
SANDRA GAL: Yeah, definitely disappointing. I just had such a hard time hitting good shots with the bad weather in the beginning. And I just went down so early.
Brittany was playing great. She was under par in the worst of conditions. I just didn't make any birdies, you know.

Q. You got half a point through three matches in your first Solheim Cup. Are you happy or disappointed? Did you expect more from yourself?
SANDRA GAL: I'm disappointed for sure, but I have to say the whole week was such a great experience. I enjoyed every minute of it. I don't think it gets much better than this.

Q. It looks like it's going to go down to the wire. Are you going to go out and support the girls?
SANDRA GAL: Yes, I'll give them my best.


Sophie Gustafson

Q. How good does that feel to get that point?
SOPHIE GUSTAFSON: It feels so really, really good. This is the best I've ever played in the Solheim Cup. Today I was determined to win my point and stay unbeaten.
To win all four matches is something I never expected coming into the Solheim Cup, and I'm very proud to have done it. I had to hang on in the bad weather. It was really tough. It was pissing down and very windy, too.

I don't know really know how I did it, but I did. I was just so determined, I guess. It is a very important point for the team. Hopefully, some of the other matches can turn around, hopefully Mel and Laura. I'm going to go out and support the girls now. I'm feeling good that we can do it.


Maria Hjorth

Q. Hard luck on the defeat. What are your initial thoughts?
MARIA HJORTH: I made a few little mistakes on a few holes, and she played well. She played solid. She made more birdies than I did, and that's really the difference.

Q. How much did the weather interruptions affect your game?
MARIA HJORTH: I don't think it affected it too much. I came out playing better after the break so, to me it didn't really make that much of a difference.

Q. Did the weather have a big effect on the course today? Was it a harder course to play with all the wind and the rain?
MARIA HJORTH: The wind is definitely hard. The rain I don't think made too big a difference. Everything is wet anyway, the greens and the fairways from before. So I don't think that made a difference. But the wind was really strong.

Q. Looking at the scoreboard now, what are your thoughts for the rest of the afternoon?
MARIA HJORTH: Well, it's going to be very tight. It's going to come down to the last few matches there.
So, you know, we have to go out there and pump our girls up.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the Cristie Kerr situation and her injured wrist?
MARIA HJORTH: Well, what can you say? If she's injured, she's injured. There is not much to do about it. You know, obviously, she hurt it really bad otherwise she would have played. Not much you can say about it.

Q. Your thoughts on your overall Solheim? How do you think you played?
MARIA HJORTH: I've been playing solid, I think. I had a few maybe little mistakes that cost a hole here and there. But, overall, I've been playing well, so I can't be too disappointed.


Christel Boeljon

CHRISTEL BOELJON: I'm really happy I could contribute to the team, and I hope we can get a few more.

Q. How much will your country be proud of you? This is the first time the Netherlands has had a representative.
CHRISTEL BOELJON: It's unbelievable. Yeah, it means a lot.
Everyone's here supporting me. Yeah, they believed in me, so it's awesome.

Q. How do you compare playing in Solheim Cup compared to a regular tournament of golf?
CHRISTEL BOELJON: Well the tournaments are what you work your whole life for. Solheims, majors, that's where you want to perform. To get this point is great.

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