LPGA KEB · HanaBank Championship

Oct 15-18

Incheon, South Korea

LPGA KEB · HanaBank Championship Course Info

Sky 72 Golf Club, Ocean Course

Incheon, South Korea

Par: 72

Yardage: 6,364

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Kang Young-nam,
82 (0)10 3507 3990

Course Architect: Jack Nicklaus

Date: 2005

Course Grasses

Tees: Kentucky bluegrass

Fairways: Kentucky bluegrass

Greens: Bentgrass; Poa annua

Rough: Kentucky bluegrass

  • Hole 1

    The first hole of Sky 72 Golf Club Ocean Course is a par 4 hole with a wide landing area and green with mild inclination. Players can enjoy an easy game if they land their tee shot near the fairway bunker on the right. The key of scoring par is to avoid the waste bunkers widely spread along the course. This hole provides a good opportunity to make a great start.

  • Hole 2

    This par 4 hole is reachable in two if played with strong tee shot over inclining fairway, leaving only a short iron approach. Players should be careful about the fairway bunker placed on the left. A long approach shot will trap players' ball in the chipping area behind the green.

  • Hole 3

    Key to this par 3 hole is the distance control. Players should carefully measure the length and width of the green before their tee shots. A lake next to the green can pressure players to hit their ball on to small pot bunker behind the green or on chipping area. Approaching the ball to the left side would be a safe play for 2 putt par.

  • Hole 4

    This is a short, yet somewhat challenging, par 4 hole. To secure the front or center of the putting area, players should make their tee shot over the fairway bunker on the right. Tee shot near the waste bunker boundary should help the players aiming for the back half of the putting surface. Players should be aware of the hollow and bunker around the green.

  • Hole 5

    Dramatic inclination, the beautiful waterfall and creek of 5th hole offer players various challenges. With wind blowing on the right direction, players should try to hit their tee shot over the bunker in front of fairway to reach green in 2 shots. To play safe, aim for the right side of the fairway. 2nd shot over the fairway bunker will allow players to easily reach to the putting surface.

  • Hole 6

    This hole running along the valley offers a classic risk and reward game. Players can either play a safe tee shot to left and aim for a long approach shot or boldly aim for a shot over the lake to the right. Players who took the risk should be rewarded with easier shot to green with short iron approach or wedge. A Wide fairway, big putting surface and dramatic tee shot should make this hole more challenging and entertaining.

  • Hole 7

    The 7th hole is the most unique par 5 hole of the Ocean course. A concave landing area will attract tee shots to this area. Players should place their 2nd shots on the right or left side of next fairway depending on which half of the putting surface they want to aim. However, the first landing area placed on the hillside would tempt players to try a dramatic drop to reach green in 2 hits.

  • Hole 8

    This is a par 3 hole with an attractive pin position on the large green and a smooth approach. A gentle shot near the pin or rolling shot along the ridge on the right side of the green will offer a chance to score a birdie. Players should however be careful about the bunker and chipping hollow around the green.

  • Hole 9

    The dramatically declining 9th hole offers great view across the largest lake of Sky 72 Golf Course. Players should aim near the bunker on the right side of fairway to avoid bunkers and hollows on the left side. The key strategy of this hole is to make an accurate approach shot avoiding the lake and bunker surrounding the putting surface.

  • Hole 10

    This second longest par 4 hole begins the challenges of back nine. The characteristics of this uphill hole is a wide landing area on the left and two short carry bunkers on the right. The best strategy to reach the green is to hit over the bunker on the right. Successful tee shot will offer the players with comfortable 2nd shot. Players should be careful about the bunker behind the green when making an approach shot. The recovery shot from the bunker will be a challenge to the players.

  • Hole 11

    This par 4 hole is designed to easily trap players' tee shots in the bunker on the right side. The fairway bunker next to the putting area would be the next challenge. Accuracy is the key of this hole. Two accurate shots can lead players to score birdie.

  • Hole 12

    This is the longest par 3 hole of the course with a dramatic view. The green is placed 20m below the tee, jagged cliffs and rock and the west sea spread behind the green emphasizes both the strategic and visual attraction of the green. Players need a gentle shot to approach pin located at the front of the green and the mild ridge on the back of the green. Players should be careful not to miss their shot to the hollow behind the green. The bunker next to the green will also trap the wayward balls. The deep fairway hollow in front of the green also adds more entertainment to the hole.

  • Hole 13

    The declining 13th hole will feel much shorter than its actual long length. Tee shot can easily reach down the small hill on the fairway. Players will have to decide whether to challenge bunker and the lake or safely drop on the next fairway. Safe play would be more comforting but the approach shot to narrow green would be challenging.

  • Hole 14

    This is an average length par 4 hole with scattered fairway. The right fairway is wide and easy to approach while the left fairway is surrounded by bunkers and lakes. The classic dilemma of risk and reward will confuse the players. The left fairway with easy green approach is recommended.

  • Hole 15

    This is a shorted par 4 hole requiring a great accuracy. It is recommended to make a tee shot with fairway wood or iron, and approach shot with short iron or wedge. A long hitter try to reach the green with their drive by bunkers at once. A birdie will be rewarded if players successfully avoid bunker and lake.

  • Hole 16

    This is the longest par 4 hole with an extremely large landing area. This hole allows long tee shots. The best landing areas would be across the fairway bunker on the right or left side of the fairway. An approach shot with long iron or fairway wood will easily lead the ball to the green or putting surface.

  • Hole 17

    A dramatic change will come after longest par 4 of 16th hole and shortest par 3 of 17th hole. This hole has the smallest green in the course, blocked by a giant waste bunker. Players would be tempted to aim for the greenside hollow because of the bunker. However an experienced up-and-down chip shot or pitching shot will be required for a par. If the tee shot lands in the right place, an easy birdie will be rewarded.

  • Hole 18

    An extreme declination of 29m from tee box to green will allow players to make a dramatic finale. A strong fade shot would allow the ball to roll along the fairway toward the green. For the second landing area and better line to the green, players should hit their tee shots as far as possible. The lake and two fairway bunkers are surrounding the second landing area. Players should aim for the right side of the bunker for an easier iron approach, or aim near the bunker next to the green for a bump-and-runs pitch shot. Three good shots will offer great opportunity of scoring par or birdie.

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