Four Winds Invitational

Jun 19-21

South Bend, Indiana

Four Winds Invitational Course Info

Blackthorn Golf Club

South Bend, Indiana

Par: 72

Yardage: 6419

Course Architect: Dr. Michael Hurdzan

Date: 1994

Course Grasses

Fairways: Creeping Bentgrass

Greens: Creeping Bentgrass, Annual Bluegrass

Rough: Kentucky Blue Grass

  • Hole 1

    360 yard Par 4: Severe dogleg left where a properly placed tee shot is key. Approach to undulating green with bunker on the front, right side.

  • Hole 2

    397 yard Par 4: This hole demands a well placed tee shot because of the large surrounding pot bunker which separates the end of the fairway to the rough just before a large green, with three surrounding bunkers.

  • Hole 3

    371 yard Par 4: A real risk/reward par 4 with the fairway split in two by 5 bunkers surrounded by rough. The more aggressive drive would be to the thin, left portion of the fairway which gives a great angle to the green. The wider, right portion of the fairway would give a more demanding second shot over 2 bunkers just short of the green.

  • Hole 4

    195 yard Par 3: Straight forward par 3 that has a very large undulating green with a bunker on the back, right hand side. Preferred miss is to the right of the green that has plenty of fairway.

  • Hole 5

    392 yard Par 4: The preferred drive from this elevated tee box is to the right hand side of the fairway which gives the players a good angle for their up-hill second shot to the green that has a bunker on it's left side.

  • Hole 6

    488 yard Par 5: Bunkers come into play on the right of the fairway for the player's drive. Definitely a reachable second shot to this up-hill green if the players can clear the the 5 bunkers separating the the fairway just before the green.

  • Hole 7

    144 yard Par 3: Short par 3 where the players are shooting over a deep valley into a green with three bunkers in the front right portion.

  • Hole 8

    391 yard Par 4: This fairway is a must hit. Missing on either side would result in tree trouble and a very hard second shot to this thin green, with a large, deep bunker just to the right of it.

  • Hole 9

    479 Yard Par 5: The miss for this tee shot is on the right side because of the long line of trees and woods on the left side. This green is surrounded by 5 bunkers and a water hazard to the left, so a properly placed second shot is key.

  • Hole 10

    375 Yard Par 4: This up-hill dog leg left par 4 requires a straight drive because of bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Be sure not to hit the second shot too short or too long because of a bunker on each side of the green.

  • Hole 11

    335 Yard Par 4: There are a number or strategies on how to play this short dog leg right hole. Just be sure not to miss the tee ball to the right because of seven fairway bunkers. Do not miss the approach shot long because of the tall fescue just beyond this green.

  • Hole 12

    180 Yard Par 3: The tee shot for this par 3 is from an elevated tee box, shooting at a large green with a very high up-hill slope from the green's front to it's back.

  • Hole 13

    518 Yard Par 5: The ideal drive for this hole is at the dead center of the fairway. This will allow the player to execute a proper second shot toward the green that has a group on large bunkers to the short left-hand side of the green.

  • Hole 14

    385 Yard Par 4: A properly placed tee shot is key on this par 4. With a large oak tree at the dead center of this fairway, it gives the player an option to either hit to the right or left side of it. The approach shot is toward an undulating green with bunkers on both the right and left sides.

  • Hole 15

    363 Yard Par 4: This is a straight forward par 4, which requires a drive to the center of the fairway. Be sure not to hit the approach shot to the left of the green because of a large bunker guarding it.

  • Hole 16

    483 Yard Par 5: This tee shot needs to be on the left portion of the fairway to give the player a second shot that can give the the best chance for a low score for the hole. Do not hit in any of the 7 bunkers surrounding the front and left portions of this large, undulating green.

  • Hole 17

    158 Yard Par 3: This par three requires a precise shot into this wide green. Missing this green either short or long would make for a hard up and down.

  • Hole 18

    405 Yard Par 4: The drive on this slightly doglegg right par 4 gives the player a wide fairway to work with. The player will then have a downhill second shot to a wide green, with two greenside bunkers.

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