Volvik Championship

Feb 28-Mar 2

Los Angeles, California

Volvik Championship Course Info

Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms, Eisenhower (The "Ike") Course

Los Angeles, California

Par: 72

Course Architect: William F. Bell and Casey O’Callaghan

Course Grasses

  • Hole 1

    Par 5: A 506-yard dogleg right par 5 that will play shorter if you drive cuts the right corner of this hole. Beware of the out of bounds stakes on the right. The conventional play is a drive that stays left of the right bunker. A lay up of less than two hundred yards will leave you a nice wedge to a big undulating green.

  • Hole 2

    Par 4: This downhill par 4 with an elevated tee shot to a green fronted by water is arguably our most picturesque hole. The tee shot requires a carry of 220 yards from the blue tees and will leave most golfers with a wedge in their hands….make sure you use enough club to reach the fairway. Watch out for the water in front of the green and a reasonable putt will await you.

  • Hole 3

    Par 4: A slight dogleg par 4 that has a deceivingly wide fairway. Keep your approach shot left of the hole since everything slopes to the right around the green.

  • Hole 4

    Par 4: If you’re looking for views then this is the hole for you. A long par 4 that requires a good tee shot to the left hand side of the fairway. Avoid the pot bunker on the right side of the fairway and your second shot will be straightforward. The downhill will help all the tee shots achieve distance but the bite of this hole awaits those that hit it right off the tee.

  • Hole 5

    Par 3: This long par 3 is a risk and reward hole that plays easier when the pin is in the middle and front and extremely hard when the pin is in the back. Choose enough club for your tee shot and avoid missing the green to the right. It is easier to get up and down from the left side of the green.

  • Hole 6

    Par 4: There are two options on this long, difficult par 4: the right fairway or the left fairway. Either side requires a solid tee shot. This large green slopes from right to left and can be tricky to putt on.

  • Hole 7

    Par 4: This #1 handicap hole requires a slight draw off the tee, followed by a slightly uphill second shot to the green. Playing conservatively to the middle part of this huge green will bring more rewards then bogies.

  • Hole 8

    Par 5: This risk and reward par 5 is lined with fairway bunkers on the left and right side of the landing area. Staying left of the large tree on the right center of the fairway will set you up for a clear second shot. If you choose to lay up on this hole, play short of the greenside bunkers and a relatively easy pitch will set you up for a birdie.

  • Hole 9

    Par 3: One of the best par 3’s on both golf courses. A narrow 57 yard green awaits incoming shots. This hole may seem simple but the green is treacherous. Avoid the bunkers left of the green.

  • Hole 10

    Par 5: A good tee shot short of the crest would be a wise play. Favor the right side of the fairway since it slopes right to left, and be sure to stay left of the water. Club selection is critical on the third shot. You may want to use an extra club for the approach shot when the pin is tucked on the upper right side of the green.

  • Hole 11

    Par 4: This uphill par 4 requires a tee shot to the right center of the fairway. Avoid the tree on the left and a short iron shot will suffice. This is another longish green so make sure you choose the proper club for your approach.

  • Hole 12

    Par 4: At over 400 yards long, this hole is not for the faint of heart. A solid tee shot aimed at the center of the fairway and avoiding the bunkers left and right leaves a long second shot to this hole. Approach shots should come directly to the front middle of this green and avoid the surrounding bunkers.

  • Hole 13

    Par 3: A challenging par 3 with bunkers surrounding the green. This hole plays slightly downhill. A wise choice would be to hit to the center of the green. Make your par and move on.

  • Hole 14

    Par 4: Hit you tee shot to the right center of the fairway on this uphill par 4. This green is large and has three tiers. Watch out for the back hole location. Shots not reaching the plateau are susceptible to spinning to the front of the green.

  • Hole 15

    Par 3: A picturesque par 3. Beware of the prevailing wind because a two or three club differential could be in play. The bunker in front of the green creates an intimidating presence, especially for pins that are tucked to the right on this green.

  • Hole 16

    Par 4: Pay attention long hitters! The fairway ends at around 260 yards. Look to hit a solid 3-wood off the tee or a fading drive over the fairway bunkers. The approach shot plays downhill. The green is surrounded by 4 bunkers.

  • Hole 17

    Par 4: This hole looks simple; however finding the fairway is a must. A long green awaits incoming shots. Make sure you take plenty of club.

  • Hole 18

    Par 5: A fantastic par 5 finishing hole. This is a true three-shot hole. Do not hit your tee shot in the first fairway bunker on the right side. Favor the center of the fairway on your second shot. There is a premium on the club selection to this three-tiered green.

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