Refresh Your Game with Michelob Ultra: Pelvic Tilt Fitness Tip

Michelob ULTRA Ambassador, Natalie Gulbis, is joined by Caroline Nichols, director of the LPGA Sports Medicine Program, to demonstrate specific golf fitness tips to help Refresh Your Game. Watch the video below or read the instructions that follow. Be sure to come back for a new tip each month.

Natalie: Why is it important to go through the range of motion? It feels like a lot more than I do in my golf swing.

Caroline: You actually do utilize this motion when you swing. It is important to have the full range of motion so it can be utilized during the swing. At the address position your back should be in a neutral posture. At the top of the backswing your back arches a little bit (anterior pelvic tilt) and then as you swing forward the back flattens (posterior pelvic tilt). Having this motion will help you create more power in your golf swing.


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