Refresh your Game with Michelob Ultra: Watch the Collision!

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We have all heard it. The well-intentioned advice of “keep your head down”. Don’t do it! Keeping your head down in a static sense is an unnatural and tense position. This is because keeping your head down rigidly restricts the free swinging motion of your body through the ball. You could easily wind up hitting at the ball rather than swinging through it.

Instead, try to “watch the collision” of the clubhead and ball. This thought will help keep your spine angle constant and your eyeline and attention on the ball. When the weight shifts and the rotation of the body occurs, the right shoulder passing under your chin will help your head come up after impact so that you can follow the flight of the ball, getting to the optimal balanced finish position.

Remember, impact occurs during the swing, not at the end of it. Let the ball get in the way of the swing by watching the collision, not by keeping your head down. We want to see that great shot after it is gone, not while we are hitting it!

Deb Vangellow is the Director of Instruction at Sweetwater Country Club in Houston. She is a two-time LPGA Central Section Teacher of the Year (2002 and 2009), an LPGA “Top 50” Teacher, a Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine “Top Teacher”, a US KIDS GOLF “Top 50 Kids Teacher”, and was continually featured in the now retired Golf For Women Magazine as a “Top 50” teacher. Deb serves as the National Vice President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals and is a lead instructor in the LPGA National Education Program. An educator/coach who offers wellness based developmental programming integrated into her “student centered” philosophy, Deb can be reached at 281-980-4100 X296 or online at

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